Top Tips For Teaching PCB Design


Have you been tasked with teaching a group of people how to design a PCB? Perhaps you are an electronics teacher, university tutor or are in charge of training in the workplace. Teaching someone how to design a PCB can be quite tricky but if you have the right tools at your disposal then you can succeed.

To help you, we have put together some top tips to get you started. Keep reading to find out more about this.

Do Your Research

If you are going to be teaching anyone how to design a PCB, you need to make sure that you know how these products work inside out. If you don’t have the knowledge, then you are going to struggle to present it in a way that your trainees understand. For this reason, we suggest spending some time doing research on PCBs and practising yourself. If you are an experienced designer, then it still won’t hurt to brush up on your knowledge.

Invest In Software

Our next tip for those who want to teach PCB design is to invest in the best possible software out there right now. You will need to have enough copies of the package for your entire class in order to let them experience what it is like to use advanced PCB design software.

The great thing about companies like Altium is that they can actually give discounts to those who are in education. This means that you can stretch your teaching budget a little more and still use the best software out there.

Follow Best Practices

In PCB design, best practices are very important and so we suggest that you figure out what these are before you start teaching. It is likely that your students will also have a look online at some guidance on their design projects and so you need to match what other people are saying about this type of project. There are many different best practices associated with this type of project so do your research and plan your lessons accordingly.

Be Patient

Our final tip for those who are going to be teaching PCB design is to be as patient as possible. If you think back to when you were first learning how these types of circuit boards work, you will remember that it was a little overwhelming. For this reason, you need to patient and allow your students to make some mistakes if they need to. This way, you can be sure that they get the best possible education.


Teaching printed circuit board design can be quite fun if you are interested in this type of electronic device. Make sure that you are following all of the tips that we have given you in this article if you want to make sure that you are approaching this task in the right way. Download the software, read up on the best practices and soon you’ll have a room full of experienced PCB designers.  

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