9 must buy gadgets below Rs. 400 right now!


There is no doubt that human beings and smartphones are inseparable. No matter where we are and where we go, we just can’t live without our smartphones. Having said that, we are not going to talk about mobile phones today, but the gadgets that you need for your smartphone. These must buy gadgets are available only at Rs. 400 and they are the must-haves.

Accessories for your mobile phone and computer are important, but unfortunately, most of them cost us a fortune and that’s when the problem arises. That’s why we have curated a list of must-have gadgets that you should buy and the best part is they are extremely affordable too.

1. Buddy selfie flash- for selfie lovers

If you have a smartphone without a front flash for your front camera then we have the right thing for you. Buy the buddy selfie flash for your android phone. This selfie flash comes with 16 LED bulbs and you can easily carry it along with you, wherever you want to. Your smartphone will have a headphone jack, just plug it in there and your light is ready to use. Don’t wait any longer and click some awesome selfies using your front-facing camera.

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2. MI LED light

If you are lacing a backlit keyboard for your laptop then what you need is a Mi LED light. This laptop accessory will come with USB connector. Just plug it in your laptop and use it whenever you need extra light. You don’t need to switch on the tube lights when everyone is asleep, just use the Mi LED light and you are food to go. You can make a choice of two colours, blue and then white. Whatever colour compliments your laptop colour, you can buy on accordingly.

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3. World Wide Travel charger adapter- travel along with it

Travel charger is important no matter how less we think about it. We only realise its importance when we run out of battery in our smartphone and camera. You know you will have to speak to your loved ones to keep them informed, likewise you will also need the camera to click some picturesque moments. Although there are a lot of travel adapters available in the market, unfortunately, most of them are costly. If you are looking for a good alternative, then you can purchase the World Wide Travel charger adapter.

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4. USB Fan- for the hot summers and power outbreaks

You may say that you don’t need a USB Fan for yourself, but trust us, whenever there is a power outbreak and when the inverter has also stopped supplying electricity, you will definitely need something to save yourself from the scorching heat. Plus you can carry it with you and use it while waiting for a metro or a bus at a metro and bus station simultaneously. Here’s Tatacliq mobile coupons for you, try them and buy a USB Fan for yourself today.

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5. Kidslounge LED shoelaces- For those who are always looking for something extra

Not everyone would like their shoelaces to glow, but kids will. Buy the Kidslounge LED shoelaces for your fashionable boy and let him flaunt his new style in front of his friends. It comes with a battery and you need to add these laces on your regular shoes and switch on the power and see your kid smiling with joy. Cool isn’t it?

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6. You will fall in love with Premsons Fidget Spinner

If you love the regular fidget spinner and like to spend time with it then here’s something which looks cooler. Buy the Premsons Fidget Spinner which does spinning and comes with LED lights. It can create beautiful patterns, all you need to do is activate the LED lights by touching it and see the lights dancing.

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7. Technotech card reader- More than a regular card reader

If your laptop doesn’t come with adequate USB ports then buying Technotech card reader will be a good option. This card reader is more than a regular card reader. You can easily connect 3 USB cables and it also comes with 4 slots where you can connect your micro SD cards.

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8. Storite 5 in 1 OTG Micro Card Reader for your smartphone

You can buy the Storite 5 in 1 Micro Card Reader for your Android smartphone. This card reader is compatible with versions 4.2 and more. Through this, you can read your cards and also connect an external keyboard or a USB flash drive too.

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9. Safeseed Waterproof Pouch and keep your smartphone safe

If you are always worried about your smartphone and wants to keep it safe from water then you must buy Safeseed Waterproof Pouch for yourself. Even if the phone has accidentally fallen into the swimming pool or you are drenched in a heavy rainfall this waterproof pouch will keep your smartphone free from water. Another plus point of this pouch is that it lets you use your mobile phone even when it is fully protected and covered.

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So, that’s all for today folks. These are the must-buy gadgets below Rs. 400. They are affordable and each gadget comes with a unique feature. Don’t miss any of them.

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