7 strong reasons why you need to upgrade to an SSD Now


If you are webmaster like me then, your web hosting plan plays a vital role in determining the major features of your website that build the user experience like speed, availability, and scalability. That is why it is very important to buy a good hosting plan that perfectly aligns with your business objectives. Speed is the key factor that has a great impact on the user experience. One of the best ways to boost your site speed is to buy an SSD hosting plan as it is powered by new age Solid State Drive technology that boosts the speed of your site. While a good number of premium and progressive businesses have already switched to SSD hosting plans, many small businesses and start-ups aren’t yet fully aware of the real benefits of SSD hosting for their business.

In this blog we will mention multiple benefits you can expect when you invest in upgrading to SSD hosting plan:

Offers a positive experience to your targeted audience

SSD or solid state drive uses an innovative approach that can practically boost up the speed of site loading by as much as 300%- that is a big leap! A fast speed will not only keep your audience engaged for long but will also encourage them to complete the intended actions quickly. In terms of business, it translates to better opportunities for closing the deal successfully and winning customer loyalty. By opting for SSD hosting you can reduce all those extra milliseconds that can irritate such targeted audience.

Extended capacity for data Read/write

Since its inception the SSD technology has undergone multiple phases of developments. Unlike its older versions with the insufficient number of reads/writes, the latest SSD version has significantly extended its capacity to read/write a very good amount of data without compromising on any of its features. That means you can remain assured that your data reading/writing capacity will not be impacted by graduating to SSD hosting.

Consumes less power

Another major advantage of SSD hosting that it consumes very less power when compared to the traditional HDD hosting due to its technical architecture. Thus it can be an excellent option for the business, especially the clients that are looking to site up in-house datacenter. By consuming less power the SSD hosting can help you save a very good amount on the running costs. It not only helps you in keeping your budget under control but will also allow you to increase the RoI out of your hosting expenses. Additionally, it would also reduce your carbon footprint.

Better security of data

The HDD drive has complicated mechanical parts that constantly move in order to perform. It creates the possibilities of wear and tears over a period of time. In case of the HDD drive damages, you lose your entire data and it can have a direct negative effect on your business. However, the SSD drives don’t rely on the mechanical process for reading/writing data and it fully eliminates any risks of losing your data due to physical wear and tear over a period of time. Thus SSD hosting can play a vital role in safeguarding your data and protecting your business interests.

Can withstand rough handling

Another major benefit of SSD hosting is that it doesn’t have any sensitive mechanical fragile parts that require extremely careful handling. There are instances when the Hard disks can accidentally be fallen down during maintenance schedules and while it might not be an intended mistake or negligence, you still suffer a major setback. However, the SSD drives are especially architected and can comfortably withstand the rough handling thus ensuring you to enjoy maximum safety.

Reduced prices

One of the major difference between the SSD hosting and HDD hosting that is often cited by the critics is prices.  However, as the SSD hosting has experienced wide popularity over a period of time the prices have effectively been slashed down. The best thing is that the trend of SSD hosting is flourishing at a very healthy speed and thus we can be assured that the prices will further be reduced. So, you can enjoy a premium speed without paying a premium price.

Large number of SSD hosting plans

There are multiple SSD plans available in the web hosting industry that blend SSD capabilities with other advanced plans like SSD cloud hosting, SSD VPS hosting, etc. It not only augments your capabilities beyond just speed but also helps you to enjoy multiple benefits by investing in a singular powerful plan only. For instance, if you need both speed and scalability then instead of buying an SSD hosting now and then migrating to cloud hosting, you can just buy a single SSD cloud hosting plan and enjoy both the features at a singular price.


SSD hosting plans are gaining wide popularity due to their innovative and business-friendly approach. With the new age technology, the latest SSD or Solid State Drive powered hosting can boost your site speed by as much as 300%. It can translate to a significantly improved user experience and can eventually offer you better business benefits. In this blog we have presented the major benefits offered by SSD hosting and how can they help in the healthy growth of your business.

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