Top Tech Every Mancave Needs


Crafting the perfect mancave takes time and effort but can also be rewarding when everything is finally in place. Whether it is finding the perfect armchair or gathering together a vast collection of your favourite memorabilia, there are certain things you should always do to make sure the room is a true representation of you as an individual. Nevertheless, you deserve some of the best tech to ensure you can play out all of your dreams to the highest degree; whether you are hosting a Superbowl party or just kicking back to play your favourite video game. Let’s take a look at some of the tech equipment you should get.


When it comes to a TV, you may be inclined to think bigger is better. We agree to an extent, but make sure that you don’t pick a TV which dominates the space; unless that is what you are aiming for! However, you should definitely not pick anything under 55”, just to ensure that everyone gets a good view no matter where they are seated.

Want to make sure that the game never cuts off due to bad reception? Grab a great indoor TV antenna to make sure that your picture always stays crystal clear. You can find some smart antenna’s such as the SMARTenna+ which is actually seven virtual TV antennas in one. An indoor TV antenna is neat and discrete and can be hidden away in your cabinets so you never have to worry about wires and such being on show.

Update: After researching more about TV Antennas, has done pretty good research about Indoor and Outdoor TV Antennas. You should probably check it out.


You are likely to have a couple of games consoles in the mancave to enjoy during your downtime. However, you should also look into a Virtual Reality headset if you want to kick your gaming up a notch and become the envy of all your friends.

There are a few choices of VR headset, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, so think about the types of games you want to play as this might influence your final decision.


The speakers are going to be one of the items which makes or breaks your room. Do you want crisp, clean sound? Only high-end speakers are going to give you what you want. Look into the best surround sound systems for your home so you know that you can find a clean and clear sound for your room.

Powering out the bass should not be your only consideration. Think about the acoustics in the space you want to use. If they are particularly poor then you need to think about how to improve them. Soft furnishings and covers for the walls are some of the best ways to turn an echoey room into a cosier one. The artwork on the walls could be anything; a football jersey, your favourite movie poster, whatever you want it to be! It is down to you. Your mancave should be a place that the entire family is happy to retreat to for games night or movies. With a little flair and some excellent tech, it won’t be long before you have the mancave space of your dreams.

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