What You Must Know about Thunderbolt Technology and its Benefits


You know that the renowned brand Apple has products like the MacBook Pro that comes with a unique port called the Thunderbolt technology. As far as a USB port is concerned, it lets you plug in any device to your PC and access it right from the system. You can use only
a single device with each USB port; it is a one-to-one connection. However, a USB hub lets you extend the same to various devices. According to an article published https://www.huffingtonpost.in, the MacBook Pro comes with double USB ports, double thunderbolt ports, and an HDMI port allowing perfect viewing on multiple TVs and HD displays externally. Moreover, the camera, microphone, and speakers have been updated. Read on to learn more about Thunderbolt technology.

Thunderbolt technology is groundbreaking

Whenever you purchase a new laptop, you think about how many USB ports it has. Fret not. Thunderbolt is an innovative technology that gets rid of all such concerns, adding a new dynamism to your laptop as you can easily connect the external devices with your PC or laptop.
Thunderbolt is a groundbreaking technology that functions much better than a USB port and lets you connect your PC to multiple devices, maximum six altogether. When it comes to Thunderbolt devices, all of these use the same connector so that it becomes easy to
connect one device to the other using interoperable cables. All you need to do is chain the devices, not worrying how many ports your PC or laptop has. For more functionality, opt for USB c thunderbolt hub. You will love the experience.

Lightning fast data transfer

Connecting multiple devices is not the sole advantage of Thunderbolt technology. The greatest benefit is the speedy communication between a PC or laptop and devices you connect. The innovative technology has the potential to transmit data at the speed of 10Gbps unlike standard USB 2.0 that transfers data at the rate of 2-120 Mbps and USB 3.0
maximum 400 Mbps. The transfer speed is amazing and lightning fast. The point can be explained with the help of a few examples.
When it comes to Thunderbolt technology, it will take only 30 seconds to transmit feature- length HD videos, movies and TV shows of size 1.5 to 2.5 GB. Again, it will take only 10 minutes to transfer MP3 playback of a year. So you can understand how fast the technology is.
Bi-directional That is the magic of Thunderbolt technology. It is even better. You might be wondering what more it has to offer. Well, you can transfer loads of data as well as receive it simultaneously and at 10 Gbps speed. Yes, the technology is bi-directional, thus making it
the preferred choice of many. Just think the huge library of epic TV shows, movies, and music you have in your PC or laptop and how can transfer them in and out to multiple devices such as your television, smartphone or tablet at superfast speed.


As an end user, you enjoy using Thunderbolt technology. You can store terabytes of information in no time, additionally, do video editing and synchronize it seamlessly.

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