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Its been a while I posted on this blog. But today, I got very interesting topic to share. I was randomly browsing internet for very high quality but affordable (you can say free :p)  since I wanted to make greeting for my friend for his birthday! After searching for few, I found ‘FotoJet

When I went on first, from the look & design, I thought it must be premium one or costs a lot to make high quality greetings but later, I was surprised because I made simple & sweet greeting for my friend myself without touching any third party software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. and without spending single penny that’s also in minutes. Below you can see my greeting!

ajay birthday greeting

Best part of the FotoJet is it uses power of cloud to provide you one stop design solution without the need of installing any third party software, thats also for FREE.

What else do I get on FotoJet?

As I said, FotoJet is one stop design solution but what do they provide exactly?

  1. Photo Collage Maker
    • Wanna impress your life partner? Or wanna propose your crush with wonderful greeting, use Love Collage
    • Wanna wish your friend on his birthday by combining the bests moments in a single frame? Birthday Collage is there for you.
    • Wanna wish your loved one’s on their wedding or anniversary? Why not to create a photoframe using this excellent tool known as Wedding Collage
    • It’s said that Without a family, man, alone in the world, trembles with the cold. Hence to make your familiy relations stronger you can use Family Collage
    • Travel Collage is the tool for all of travel buddies and also for the people who are casual tavellers. Found something new in your current city? Just make it beautiful by Travel Collage
    • If you want to make any fun Poster teasing your friends, informative poster, or any kind of it? then this is the place for you.
  2. Social Media Design Tools
    These set of tools is recommended especially content creators, marketers, bloggers. The following set of tools presents your content in such a way that it will get more traction and reach. Whatever content you post on social media, these tools make it more beautiful.


  3. MISC
    This set of tools is for your miscelleneus needs

  4. Event of Invitations
    Instead of inviting your friends to your event party just by sending a text, Why not to make a great invitation in just minutes? Following set of tools satisfies your need of creating nice looking invitation cards, event cards for any special occasion.

How to use FotoJet?

There is one saying I would  like to say about FotoJet. If you can move icons on your desktop easily then you can create photos, collages, greetings, social media posts like a pro thats also, in minutes. The following image explains that in a better manner.

Simple to use


Make sure to bookmark FotoJet. Thanks for reading! Happy FotoJeting

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