This Is How I Found my uncle’s Stolen Android Phone: Yuphoria


Best Way to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone Without extra app with Google, GPS Location Now from PC, Computer: Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow for FREE

It was Saturday morning and suddenly, my cousin came to my home early in the morning around 8:00 am. I was in the middle of my sleep. Then suddenly, he entered in my room & woke me up. He said, “Amey, Amey, My father has lost his Android phone in the market. Or someone has stolen it in the market. I need your help. Please do something Amey. I gifted him that phone on his birthday.”

After listening this, I woke up immediately from the bed & turned on my laptop. Went to Android Device Manager Official Site (click to open). and tried to locate the device. But since the device was offline, I wasn’t able to track it real time. By using, Android Device Manager or ADM, you can locate, ring, lock & erase the device online in realtime. Means, you can find lost or stolen android phone which has gps connectivity.


Hence, I sent the lock request to the phone from the official site. Under Recovery Message, I’ve written: ‘Call this phone’s owner on (my bro’s number). This phone is tracked.’ So, whenever the phone will get online, whenever it will get internet connectivity, it will get locked immediately. No one can unlock the device except me because I’ve changed the password and only I know it. I strongly suggest you to enter your contact number in the recovery message field also. Because, the one who has found your phone may have removed the SIM cards and he may not be able to call you from the same device. Since you’ll be writing that the phone is tracked continuously, the chances of getting your phone return to you are more. & same thing happen after few hours. Device got locked automatically and the one who has it, called us after approximately 2 days.

Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone From PC/ Computer For Free

He also told us about the lock screen message. Me, my brother and uncle went to the market on Tuesday and collected his Android phone: YU Yuphoria. It was perfectly working. After getting his phone back, he was very happy since there is also the emotional connection since it was my bro’s first gift to his dad. Now, he has various tracking apps installed on his phone.

Some of us may have faced this kind of incident at some point in time. Or if you’ve lost your very own android phone, then don’t worry. Now, you’ve the solution. Don’t be panic when you found that your android smartphone is missing. First of all, try giving the calls from other phone. If you are very sure that it’s lost or stolen then follow the following steps as I did if you don’t have any third party tracking apps like AntiDroidTheft, Lost Android, Wheres My Droid, etc. installed.

Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone With Google Without any Extra App

Google has its own app installed by default in your android phone which is Android Device Manager (click to open website). You can locate, lock, ring, erase online. But you need to have your internet connection enabled either network provider e.g. 2G, 3G, 4G, etc. or WiFi.

  1. Go to Android Device Manager (click to open website). or download the App. Also, you can go to and type ‘find my phone’
    find any anrdoid deviceFind your android phone on google
  2. Try locating your device by clicking GPS circle button on the site.
    If GPS & internet connection of your lost or stolen Android phone is ON, then Yay!! 😀 You’ll be able to locate the device in real time. Means, you can find lost android phone on silent.
    Ring/ Lock/ Erase android device remotely
  3. If your and the location of the device is same that means the device is very close to you and for finding it out, you can click Ring which will ring the device in its full volume.
  4. If this option fails then click lock. After pressing Lock button, the new popup section will open on the site.
  5. Enter the new password (not the password of your current google account). Confirm it.
  6. After getting the phone, you need to enter this password to unlock it.
  7. Under the recovery message section, I strongly recommend you to write message like this:

    Call this phone’s owner on (your working contact number). This phone is tracked.

  8. Since you’ll be writing This phone is tracked, the person who currently has your phone will definitely think, ‘its better to return the phone to the respected owner, since, its getting tracked continuously, I may get caught in future. Even by Police!’
  9. This sentence will probably convince the person to return the phone to you.
    lock android via ADM or Android Device Manager
  10. If you have very important data, then make sure you immediately give erase command. Since its possible to crack the screen lock of the Android phone and access all the data in the device.
  11. Simultaneously, you can inform your local police department. Just make sure you inform the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number of the device which will enable the police to track down your device immediately. You can even take the help of your network provider.

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  1. I lost my Yu Yuphoria today, read ur blog, changed my lock screen message to exactly this, got a call by the evening and now have my phn back

    • Hi Himanshu,

      Lost my Yuphoria phone man… Can u please help me in this regard,

      Thanks in advance. PLEase give a missed call on 9059013206…Will call u


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