Stop Vodafone Flash Service Messages


How to Deactivate Vodafone Service Messages in India on any Android smartphone?

Let’s say you are in a hurry to call someone and suddenly you see the irritating pop up ad of vodafone promoting their mostly unwanted services. You press OK or accept the subscription and BOOM! You get charged.

I know its really frustrating experience but its also confusing process to stop the subscription.

Disable Vodafone Popup Messages android

Steps to turn off Vodafone Flash Service Message on any android

  1. Open SIM Toolkit app. You’ll be able to see it in your all Apps. Here, I’ve purposefully moved it on Homescreen.
    disable vodafone popup message
  2.  Select Flash option.
    select FLASH
  3. Select Activation
    turn off vodafone flash service message
  4. Select Deactivate
    disable vodafone flash message
  5. Select OK
  6. Yay! You are done. You won’t get such annoying advertisement balance eater popups from Vodafone again in your Android Mobile Phone.
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  1. Hello

    Can you send me the link of sim toolkit app that has flash message disable option?
    I have tried several simtool kit app but none have the option ?

  2. Vodafone is doing deliberately by activating some apps and deducting money from our balance. They don’t even send SMS for activating or deducting money. Now your frustration starts by calling 198 complaints, they will say sorry for the inconvenience we will send information and make deactivation soon. For me 3 such apps got activated 35, 51 & 21 got deducted. Now I am calling several times and fighting for my money.
    I am an senior citizen, where I will get money for such cheTings.

  3. I am my phone for Vodafone Sim when I click on FLASH! no option come up for activation or deactivation. How can I deactivate now?


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