Practical Advice for Raising Kids in the Digital Age


If you ask parents what is the biggest challenge for them nowadays, they would tell you it is to do parenting in the digital age. There is no doubt that parents have become extremely worried about their kids due to their growing online and digital activities. Parents feel helpless in this regard but they have no idea how to do better parenting in this time and age. 

But it is something that we can control. Parents need to understand that they can deal with their kids and do better parenting if they follow the rules and advice from experts. A lot of people have written on how parents should go about controlling their teens nowadays and some of these points are being discussed below.

Better Communication

Communication is considered the key issue of why parents are unable to deal with their kids and do better parenting these days. Parents need to talk to their children, sit with them and discuss the important thing. Kids will feel happy and confident. Parents should encourage them to share their problems if they have any. Moreover, both the parents should keep eyes on the activities and routine of their children to better understand them.

Mentoring Your Kids

After communication, you will learn about your kids, the issues they have and what bothers them the most. Mentoring is an essential and integral part of parenting. Kids learn most of the things from their parents and are willing to accept what their parents tell them. That is why parents should become the mentors of their kids. Spend time with them and educate them about the important things that can make them responsible teens.

Monitoring Your Teens

When you do menitoring, it is important that you monitor your kids as well. This can be done by using the best parental control software. With the help of such an app, parents can track a phone, internet and social media activities of their children. They can then decide the relevant mentoring tips and steps in order to train their kids in better manners. Monitoring is common these days and it has helped many parents improve their kids’ habits.

Reducing Screen Time

The time spent by a person while using the smartphones amounts to screen time. Users of the phone can do anything; play games, watch movies or videos, use social media and dating apps and even more. Screen time should be reduced. The more time kids spend on phones, the more addicted they become to the screen. It is dangerous and has health issues for the users. Parents should set rules for screen time and kids should follow them.

Promoting Healthy Tech Habits

A lot of researchers and experts emphasize on healthy tech habits. What are healthy tech habits? Using the technology in a way that it has the least effects on you, your health and your privacy. For example, using smartphones in a safe way, browsing safely and not spending too much time with the devices. At the same time, you should maintain privacy and take care of your data. These habits are very good and should be adopted by the kids in order to let them become good young people.

Know Parenting Control Features

Apart from this, most of the cell phones nowadays have parental control features for the parents. Companies these days are taking steps to empower parents to control the use of the internet and devices of their kids. Parents should know these parental control options which are provided in settings. Using these options will be of great help to do good digital parenting nowadays.

Become Good Role Models

Lastly, parents should be the role models of their kids. They need to set examples for them. Kids do what they learn from their parents. That is experts put more focus on parents to adopt good and healthy habits to help their kids become the same.

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