Stop Tata Docomo Flash Messages/ Dive-in Popus


Are you irritated by the Flash Messages popped up by the service provider?  Then I have the solution to Stop Tata Docomo Flash Messages. Let’s follow some steps to Disable Tata Docomo Flash Messages In Android. If you have Vodafone SIM, then you should check our article on Stopping Vodafone Popups. Tata Docomo sends plenty of flash messages which activate services and deduct amount if you accidentally press ‘OK’ of which there is very good chance on a touch screen phone. Hence, it’s better to Unsubscribe Tata Docomo Dive-In Service. 

Do Not Disturb Mode

You can use this mode for stopping the company’s time wasting calls and messages. This mode deactivates all types of service messages, calls and some of the Web Settings.

Activate Do Not Disturb

Stop Tata Docomo Flash Messages- Do Not Disturb
TATA Docomo Do Not Disturb
  1. Official Registration:

To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls or SMS please register your phone number in Tata Docomo DND registry.

  1. Tata Docomo DND Registration online:

Click Here if you are Tata Docomo’s Prepaid or postpaid user.

  1. Alternatively, you can register over SMS:

Send an SMS Start o to 1909 or call 1909 and follow instructions.

If in the case of SMS is not recognized, try sending the old format of message START DND to 1909 to Stop Tata Docomo SMS.

Stop Tata Docomo Flash Messages on any Android

  1. Open SIM Toolkit app. You will be able to see it in your app drawer.
  2. Select Flash Option.
  3. Select activation.
  4. Click on Deactivate and then click on ok.

This will Stop/ Unsubscribe Tata Docomo Dive-In Service.  From now, you won’t get such stupid ads and Congratulations on Saving your Hard Earned money from now!

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  1. Your article is outdated. Now they have changed sim tool kit to WOW Dive-in and there is no option for flash setting in it. What to do now?


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