How To Stop Flash Messages In Jio On Android/ iPhone


Ohhh shit! I am irritated by this Jio flash messages. I know you are also totally fed up of those Jio flash messages 😡 .  If you have Tata Docomo SIM and are suffering from the same irritating flash messages check out our post on Stop Tata Docomo Flash Messages. For now, let’s see How To Stop Flash Messages In Jio On Android/iPhone.

How To Stop Flash Messages In Jio On Android/ iPhone

There are three ways to Stop Flash Messages In Jio On Android/iPhone and you can follow any one of the ways given below.

1. Uninstall Jio App: –

If you are an Android user, then you can uninstall the MyJio app and instead use the website to check your data usage.

1.Select MyJio App.

Uninstall MyJio App
MyJio App

2.From Application Manager click on MyJio app.

stop jio pop up
Select MyJio App

3.Click on Uninstall option.

disable jio notification
Uninstall the App

How to stop Flash Messages in Jio on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user just long press the MyJio App and Uninstall it.

1.Hold press on MyJio app.And then click on the cross icon and it will be uninstalled.

How To Stop Flash Messages In Jio
Uninstall From iPhone

2. Block Notifications Of the Jio App: –

Another way to stop flash messages is to block the notifications of your android/iPhone device.

1.From Application Manager click on MyJio App.

stop jio ads
Select MyJio App

2.You will see a “Show Notification” icon, disable it.

Disable Jio Notifications
Turn Off The Notifications

Another way is to go in MyJio app from Application Manager and Disable Jio Notification.

Stop Flash Messages In Jio
Irritating Ads By Jio
Disable Jio Notifications
Notifications Are On

1.Go in MyJio App.And turn off the notifications.

Disable Jio Notification
Turn Off Notification

If you are an iOS device user then:

1.Go to Settings, select Notifications.

Block Jio Ads
Select Notification

2.Then select MyJio App.

Stop Jio Pop Up
Select MyJio App

3.Turn off the MyJio app notifications.

Stop Flash Messages In Jio
Turn Off The Notification


Restrict Background Data: –

You can just go and Restrict Background Data to Stop Jio Ads and pop ups.

1.Go in Application Manager and select Jio Apps.

Stop Jio Pop up
Select Jio Apps

2.Turn off the Restrict Background Data.

How To Stop Jio Notifications
Restrict Background Data



Steps to register for Do Not Disturb:

  1. Call 1909 from your iPhone/Android device and select your preference.
  2. You can also register by sending an SMS as Start DND or Start0 to 1909. The format of your SMS must be SMS<space><preference no>.

Every coin has two sides also these Do Not Disturb can cause you problems. How to deactivate Do Not Disturb:

1.Call 1909 talk to the customer care and tell them to deactivate DND.They will send a confirmation SMS that “DND is deactivated.2.Or you can also SMS 1909 as STOP and you will get a confirmation SMS.

2.Or you can also SMS 1909 as STOP and you will get a confirmation SMS.



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