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As Microsoft started rolling out Windows 10 Creator Update, It came with a lot of new surprises. One of them is Night Mode. A lot of excitement for some users and also, a lot of disappointment for some users. Since it’s only available for Windows 10 remaining users of Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Vista, etc. felt disappointed. But don’t worry, today we are going to see Top 5 Blue Light Filter or Night Mode Apps for PC/ Laptop Screen. If you are constantly browsing Facebook Feeds, or Coding or doing any kind of work on screen in dark, it’s injurious to your health and may affect your sleep patterns. Hence, better to work in as much lowest brightness as possible.

Best Blue Light Filter Software/ Night Mode Apps, Brightness Reducers For Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 PC, Laptop, Desktop Screens

1. Iris

Iris Blue Light Filter
Iris Blue Light Filter Screenshot

If you want some premium solution which will work seamlessly, Iris is for you. The free version called Iris Lite is also available. It changes the brightness of your Windows in an innovative way without flickering. Iris already has 1 million+ users and break reminder which will remind you to relax resulting in more productivity. It also has its own optional hardware for eye protection. It is Premium Blue Light Filter For Eye Care.

  • 1 Million+ users
  • Break Reminder
  • Optional Dedicated Hardware for eye protection
  • Font Rendering

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2. Pango Bright

Night Mode Software Windows 10
My Favourite Night Mode App

This is my personal favorite. Even right now, at this moment I’m using it. If you are working late night especially in dark or very low light then PangoBright is the only option for you. Even if you set your Windows brightness level minimum, it feels bright in dark. If you want some free and best option to further decrease brightness, use Pango Bright. While working in dark, I set Pango Bright brightness to 10% or max 20%. It’s one of the Best Blue Light Filter For Computer/ PC/ Laptop.

  • I’m Daily user 😀
  • Small size (EXE is 100k bytes)
  • Control the brightness of multiple monitors
  • Free

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3. f.lux

Lower Screen Brightness Even More Windows 10
Nice UI with Animations

If you like elegant and fluid design Blue Light Filter Software for Windows then go for f.lux. It adjusts the colour temperature of your PC display according to the sunset and sunrise timings. Also, depending on the lighting of your room, it sets the colour of your display. Flux is completely free and runs on donation. They have f.luxmeter which tells how much blue light is filtered for specific devices.

  • Beautiful UI
  • Adjusts colour according to room lightening
  • Automatic sunrise, sunset colour filter
  • Free

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4. Redshift

Flux Alternative Linux Ubuntu
Flux Alternative

Redshift is another Night Mode App for Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 PC, Desktop, Laptop which is inspired by f.lux. Or we can say f.lux alternative 😛 It is completely open source. You can find the source code on Github. For now, its still in experimental stage and basically made for linux. But if you are comfortable using command line on Windows, it’s good for you. But there are some windows limitations and Registry setting that you need to do. One of the Best Screen Dimmer For Ubuntu.

  • Inspired by f.lux
  • Open Source
  • Good for programmers
  • Free

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5. PC SunScreen

Reduce Blue Light Windows 7
Lower Windows Brightness For £6

Another Screen Brightness Dimmer for Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7 costing £5 (£6 including Taxes) which is approximately ₹ 500. It has little bit different UI than previous tools mentioned above which includes clock. You can adjust the size of the colour filters to tint the whole screen or a portion of the screen. It is developed by Thomson Software Solutions. You can also set different colour schemes for multiple monitors.

  • Different UI
  • Different colour schemes for multiple monitors
  • Dim portion of screen
  • Gradually changes the colour according to time

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