Best Way To Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages


BSNL BUZZ, This is the all new feature is going to buzz your mobile with location based content. BSNL has partnered with cell tick, a global leader in mobile marketing to offer “BSNL BUZZ”. It’s a new live screen mobile service feature. In which you can have information regarding contests, News, Subscription packs, Coupons and also advertisements. At anytime you can Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages on mobile simply. But if you hold Airtel SIM, then head over to Stop Airtel Flash Messages.

How to Stop BSNL Buzz Messages

If you want to Disable BSNL Flash Messages then follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to SIM Settings
Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages- BSNL
BSNL Toolkit

2. Select BSNL Buzz from the list.

Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages- BSNL
BSNL BUZZ Option In Sim-Toolkit
  1. Click on Activation.
Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages- BSNL
BSNL FLASH Activation Deactivation

4. Now you have to choose Activate or Deactivate.

Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages- BSNL
BUZZ Activate Deactivate Option.

5. Select Deactivate to Stop BSNL Buzz Messages (if not deactivated). In the same window click on ok.

Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages- BSNL
Deactivate BSNL BUZZ
  1. Done! And you can stay calm and never gonna see those irritating message again.

Do Not Disturb

You can use this mode for stopping the company’s time wasting calls and messages this mode deactivates all the types of service messages, calls and some of the Web Settings.

How To Stop BSNL Company Messages:

Steps to activate Do Not Disturb:

Stop BSNL BUZZ Messages- BSNL-Do Not Disturb
BSNL Do Not Disturb
  1. Registration:

To avoid unwanted telemarketing calls or SMS please register your phone number in BSNL’S DND registry. Click Here (Official Website)


  1. BSNL DND Registration SMS:

Send an SMS Start o to 1909 or call 1909 and follow instructions.




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  1. सर आप ये बताए की जैसे बीएसएनएल सिम ऑफ रहता है या फोन ऑफ हो जाए तो कोई भी कोल रारता है तो उसका sms प्राप्त क्यों नहीं होता है

  2. Select Deactivate to Stop BSNL Buzz Messages करने से भी अगर स्टॉप ना हॉ तो १५०३ पे कॉल करके आप बंध करवा सकते है


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