MIUI Music Player Stopped Working Solution


Just imagine! You are wearing your premium headphones and chatting with your buddies listening to that favorite and addictive song. And Suddenly, your phone’s MIUI Music Player Stops Playing. How do you will feel? I bet you’ll feel irritated! And I’m damn sure you’ve gone through this experience due to MIUI 8 Music Player Bug at least once that’s why you are here right?

So, here, I’m gonna tell you the solution to any Xiaomi Music Player Problem where it stops automatically after cleaning recent apps or when the screen is off. This will also solve the problem of Redmi Note 2G, 3G, 4G, Mi Note, or any Xiaomi Mobile device running on MIUI. Basically, this is not a bug but sometimes, hard to figure out feature. The solution will work not only for default MIUI Music Player but any music player. In fact, any app you want to keep running in the background.

Fix MIUI Music Player Stopped Working Problem Easily

  1. Start the music player (Obviously! :P)
  2. Tap Recent Apps key
  3. Touch and hold your finger on the music player.
  4. Slide down.
  5. You’ll see Lock and Info
  6. Tap ‘Lock’Jio Music Stopping after Screen is Locked/ Off
    MIUI Music Player
  7. You are done!
  8. You can also check the video below, Here I’ve explained procedure about Jio Music Player which was stopping automatically after screen gets locked:

I strongly suggest you lock your day to day apps like WhatsApp, Google Now, Truecaller, etc. Now, even if you force close all apps or clear memory, then also, the music player will stay there in memory. It won’t stop. As I mentioned, you can use this method for any app! Make sure you share this post with other MIUI users.

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