Block, Deactivate, Stop Aircel Flash Messages Popups


My friend is using an Aircel SIM card and he was totally fed up of the flash messages. So I thought of writing this post to help out all of the Aircel users. Let’s Stop Aircel Flash Messages. It is very easy to Stop Aircel Flash Messages just follow my instructions below. We already have written an article on How to Stop Uninor Flash Messages.

Stop Aircel Flash Messages

1.SMS START0 To 1909.

SMS START 0 To 1909
Disable Aircel Popups

2.You will get a confirmation message.

Confirmation Message
Deactivate Aircel Flash Messages

3.Give reply as ‘Y’ which means “Yes” which confirms that you really want to Stop Aircel Flash Messages.

Reply Y
Stop Aircel Flash Messages

When you send ‘Y’ reply then you are totally free from Aircel flash messages. Enjoy Aircel service without flash messages.

Activate Aircel Do Not Disturb

  1. Call 1909 to register your number.
  2. Then you can also select preferences to choose what flash messages you are willing to block.

3.But if you want to change the preferences there is a limit of seven days.

Deactivate Aircel Do Not Disturb

1.You can SMS as STOP to 1909.

2.You can also call 1909 and register to deactivate DND.

You can also register and deregister for DND from this Site.

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