Deactivate, Stop Reliance PopUp Flash Messages


Users of Reliance Communications (RCOM) are facing some of the annoying problems like flash message service it is also known as R live. Flash messages are the messages that pop up on any screen of your phone’s screen without any input. This post will show you How To Stop Reliance PopUp/ Flash Messages or we can say Balance or Time Eaters. If you are holding Aircel sim then look at How To Stop Aircel Flash Messages.

Steps to Stop Reliance PopUp/ Flash Messages

  1.       Open app drawer
  2.       Go to SIM toolkit (It may be RMenu).
  3.       Then go to RLive.
  4.       Click on Activation.
  5.       Click on Deactivate.

Now you won’t receive such annoying flash messages on your Device and now you don’t have to worry about your cutting balance!

Activate Reliance Communications RCOM Do Not Disturb

Reliance Do Not Disturb

Stop Reliance PopUp

If you want to stop receiving such telemarketing calls or SMS, you may register your reliance phone number on DND call registry. You can also do Online Registration Here.

  1.       Call Type Registration:

Call toll-free IVR 1909.

  1.       SMS Type Registration:

Type START 0 and send SMS to 1909.

These are the simple steps to stop Pop-Up/ Flash Messages. This will help you to get out of this Flash Message problems.

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