Stop Uninor Flash Messages


Not again please! I have changed so many SIM cards but the flash messages are everywhere. I recently used Airtel SIM card and to Stopped Airtel Flash Messages. Now I will free you from Uninor flash messages too. After reading this post definitely, you can Stop Uninor Flash Messages.

Yeah, I know it is a very cheap SIM card so many of you might be using it. But, this SIM card gives a lot of problems regarding flash messages as well as service is also not that good as per my experience. To Stop Uninor Flash Messages there is a slightly different process.

Follow Steps Below to Stop Uninor Flash Messages

1.Click on SIMToolKit.

stop uninor company calls
Click On SIMToolKit

2.Select Uninor.

deactivate uninor services
Select Uninor

3.Click on SelfCare.

Stop irritating flash messsages now
Select Self Care

4.Select Do Not Disturb.

Stop Uninor Flash Messages
Select Do Not Disturb

5.From Do Not Disturb Select Start.

Stop Uninor Company Calls
Select Start

Congrats!:) You have successfully stopped Uninor Flash messages.To Stop Uninor Company Calls also you have to follow the same process.

For other services go to Telenor Official Site.

Another way to activate Do Not Disturb:

1.SMS START0 to 1909.

2.Or call 1909 and follow the IVR guidance.

To Deactivate Do Not Disturb:

1.SMS STOP to 1909.

2.Call 1909 and follow the IVR guidance.

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