How To See Android Version Animation On Samsung, Other Phone, Tablet


Android has very large market share in the world of Smartphone OS & from the arrival of budget android phone like Android One, it started getting into every section of society. But Since you have landed on this post which is about checking or finding out Android Version & view its animation on Samsung or any other Android phone, tablet, you must be the newbie to android.

So, First of all, welcome to the amazing & wonderful world of Android!! Believe me, there is a lot to explore here. This world is full of wonders of technology lots of apps, games you’ll see that makes the life easier & better. The process of checking your Android version is pretty easy & This will work on Samsung device also. Just follow the steps to see which android version you have given below:

  1. Open Menu
  2. Go to settings
  3. Scroll down & go to ‘About phone’
  4. There you’ll see your Operating System Details.
    1. The first row is ‘Software Update’. I would recommend you to go for this option first. So, if your carrier or mobile manufacturing company has the latest update available, you’ll get that one. In case of Motorola devices like Moto E, Moto G, Moto X, etc. or even Nexus phones, there is very high possibility of availability of updates thats also directly from Google.
    2. Then the second row is Status. There, you’ll see Battery Status, Battery level, SIM Status, IMEI Information (Note this info. Take a screenshot & save it offline + on google drive or any cloud store.), WLAN MAC address, Bluetooth address (If your bluetooth is on), 3. IP address, Serial number, Up time (The time from which your device is switched on shown in hh:mm:ss format).
    4. Then there is Legal option which contains the legal agreements, Open Source Licenses.
    5. Then comes the model number of your device. It means your device name.

    How To See Android Version Animation On Samsung Or any Other Phone, Tablet

    Here comes the part that you are searching. Google makes the little cute animations with every version of android. So, To see that animation, tap 3 to 4 times on the android version. Then you’ll see the cute android version animation that your current device has. Note: if you are on tablet then you will see ‘About tablet’ instead of ‘About phone’. To get most out of this post, I’ve created animated GIF image that will help you to see your android version easier than other websites/ blog posts that you’ll see on the internet.


    How To See Android Version Animation On Samsung, Other Phone, Tablet
    Show Android Version Animation On Samsung, Other Phone, Tablet

    6. Then there is Kernal Version. The meaning of the Kernal is the bridge which connects hardware & software.
    7. The last row shows the Build number which contains the hardware & software version you have on your mobile.

Hope, now you are able to see android version animation on your current phone.

So, Which Phone & Android version do you have? Just post in comments section below.

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