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Here I’m going to share list Free electronic tanpura software for PC, Windows 7/XP/8/8.1/10 which are full version as well as free tanpura apps for your Android & iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone & iPod. Are you Fan of Indian Classical Music? If yes then you need a tanpura for the practice of classical singing. You must be knowing about those old, bulky electronic tanpura sets. You may be using one of those. We are living in the era of technology, web, android, iphone and it is 100% possible to practice your riyaaz with the beautiful and perfect tanpura sound without those bulky devices. The best thing about the first two apps is their sound is so much fluid that you can’t differentiate between the loops. It sounds like someone is actually playing the real tanpura infront of you if you close the eyes. Also ahead in this article, I’m going to provide you the tanpura sounds for free!


1. Taalpulse

The first electronic tanpura software program that I would recommend for anyone is Taalpulse. Its just incredible free tanpura software made for most versions of Windows. So, it works with Windows 7, XP, 8, 8.1 & even 10! In addition to tanpura it has additional features like tabla & Harmonium. In case of tanpura & tabla, you can easily adjust the scale by click of a mouse or touch in case of Windows tablets 🙂 In case of tabla also you can change Lehra, Theka & Drone effortlessly. Simultaneously you can play Harmonica, Tabla & tanpura without hassle & any need of other instruments. Hence its absolute replacement of your traditional tanpura. Your PC’s speakers are enough to play the high quality tanpura sound & the best thing about Taalpulse is its completely free of cost & full version tanpura software. So you don’t have to pay any $$$ here. You can see Taalpulse in action below.


Taalpulse: Free tanpura software working
Taalpulse: Free Tanpura Software for PC, Windows 7, XP, 8, 8.1, 10


How to install Taalpulse on Windows?

The reason I’m writing the installation steps of this free tanpura software is there is 1 extra step where you may get stuck.

  1. Download Taalpulse & install by clicking next… 🙂
  2. After installation Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\TaalPulse if you are on 64 bit Windows OS or Go to C:\Program Files\TaalPulse if you are on 32 bit Windows.
  3. Right click the icon named ‘Squeak‘ and click Send to -> Desktop (Create Shortcut).
  4. Then Open ‘Squeak‘ from the same folder/ desktop.
  5. Enjoy Taalpulse.

How to install Taalpulse on any version of MAC OS?

  1. Download Squeak Virtual Machine from Official Squeak Site.
  2. Download the latest TaalPulse image here.
  3. Extract the file into Squeak installation directory.
  4. Give “squeak.image” argument to run Squeak.
  5. Enjoy your tanpura.

Unfortunately Squeak is not available for Android but You have Tanpuradroid!


2. Tanpura Droid

Since most of the people are switching to android, it has became very handy. So, if you are on android then Tanpura Droid is one of the best free tanpura apps for android that you will get in the Google Play Store. It is developed by ‘Swar Systems‘ & currently has 4000+ ratings & reviews combined, 1600+ +1s on Google+, 100,000 – 500,000 installs. It requires at least android 1.6+ version which most of us are having. And the good news is this app doesn’t require any special permission but in future they may add it. This free tanpura software has ability to set first string, pitch, pitch semi & volume. Sounds perfectly like tambura & way better than traditional electronic tanpura. It even runs in background! But it lacks tabla. But its pretty handy since you can install it on android & best for concert as a replacement of your old bulky tanpura machine. So, Download & Install Tanpura Droid Now.


Screenshot of Tanpura Droid: Free Tanpura app for android
Tanpura Droid: Free electronic tanpura app for android


3. iTanpura

Prasad Upasani an iPhone developer has also developed free tanpura app for iPad, This tambura app works great on these devices.  iPhone users so, here is iTanpura for iPhone. Its one of the best electronic tanpura apps available for iPhone. Its like Tanpura Droid but with more features like ‘Swarmandal’, nice UI etc. There is also premium version of the app called ‘iTanpura Droid’ which costs $14.99 (INR 920 in India). But if you just want Tanpura of specific note then free version: iTanpura Lite is enough for you. But if you are professional singer or musician then I recommend you to get the premium version as it will satisfy your advenced needs. This app requires iOS 5.1.1 or later. It can run on iPad, iPod touch & iPhone. But its specifically optimized for iPhone. So, Download & Install iTanpura Now.


download free tanpura app for iPad
Electronic Tanpura app for iPad, iPhone & iPad: iTanpura


4. Anubodh (Online Tanpura/ Tambura)

Anubodh is a web app which is again free tanpura software. It can run on any browser, OS. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are on PC, Android, MAC, you’ll be able to fulfil the need of having tanpura by absolutely compatible with any system yes I mean any system with the browser. To use the online tanpura software, just go to Anubodh Virtual Live Tanpura Website & Select the note from the following notes: E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#. You are done!! Though its designed for bansuri, its also compatible with vocals 😉 With many advantage, the other side of the coin is you need internet access. You can’t download this electronic tanpura app. Without internet you can’t run it and since its in loop, you may experience the pauses depends upon your system configuration. But its good online tanpura web app in case of emergency.


5 . Download Tanpura Music Sounds MP3 Files

Don’t want to run extra tanpura software on your Windows PC? Not enough space on Android, iPhone? Tired of MAC OS commanding? No problem! Just download All tanpura sounds, music by clicking here & get rid of headache. The only disadvantage of this is lack of smoothness. As these are just an audio files and need to run from music player, it depends on each music player’s quality the time between the loops, how it performs. I’ve provided tanpura/ tambura sound mp3 files of following scales: E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#. Just click Download & extract them using Winrar or Winzip or any file extracting software on your PC/ Mac/ Android/ iPad or any device. Or you can download tunes individually by clicking following links:

Download Tanpura Kali 1 Tune

Kali 2

Kali 3

Kali 4

Kali 5

Pandhri 1

Pandhri 2

Pandhri 3

Pandhri 4

Pandhri 5

Pandhri 6

Pandhri 7

If you don’t want to listen the glitches then just go to YouTube and search for Tanpura sound. But again it will eat your usage and buffer a lot if you don’t have enough internet speed (bandwidth).


All tanpura software are good for your daily riyaaz but Since tanpura droid lacks tabla support I would suggest you to go for Taalpulse. You can even use it in concert because of its tabla & harmonica features! Like I did.


So, which electronic tanpura software will you choose?

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    • Thank you for making this! It’s very very good for a free browser-based app! 😊👍

      I would like to collaborate with you on more software for Hindustani classical music! I have made a 22 shruti synthesizer, with your help it can be made it into a user-friendly interface and browser-based app! 😊 Please get in touch with me if anyone is interested…


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