BSNL ADSL Link Unstable, Dsl Light Keeps Blinking Broadband Solution


In this BSNL ADSL Link Problem & Solution post, I’m going to share the answer to the question: Why BSNL Broadband Dsl Light Keeps Blinking & its solution. Remember I’m only sharing the stuff in this post that is fresh, discovered by me, worked for me & still working for Common BSNL ADSL Link Down problem. Since we are from India, BSNL is the nationwide provider of the telecom services like telephone, land line, mobile, internet, 2G, 3G, broadband. One misconceptions that I’m going to uncover about BSNL or any other broadband company problems is most of the time, they want to provide the good service but they can’t due to unexpected situations. Lets take the example of my story of how did I solve the problem.

My BSNL ADSL Link Unstable Story

Few months ago, I was also having the BSNL ADSL Link Failure problem for my broadband connection. I tried many things. Few of them I’m mentioning below:

  1. I tried resetting modem.
  2. I tried reconnecting.
  3. I tried changing the modem, splitter even LAN cables.
  4. I tried contacting them & BSNL service engineer visited my home.
  5. He asked me about joints & I said no. ( :O Oops! that was my mistake!)
  6. But nothing worked. 🙁

I personally cut the pipe from which telephone cable is coming. Then I found the joints. It was not single cable but multiple cables are connected one after the other causing unstable connectivity & Keeps BSNL Broadband DSL Light Blinking. I immediately called BSNL call centre & called the line-man to my home. The next day, the BSNL technician came with the new line. Then he replaced the whole telephone cable from my house & made the connection with NO JOINTS. This is very important. From that day BSNL ADSL Link unstable problem vanished & I got my internet working 24 x 7. No lets see why the problem occurred.

Why BSNL ADSL Link Unstable Problem occurs?

Since you’ve read the story, you must have got the reason that it mainly occurs because of joints in the wire. But wait. Its not the only reason behind the problem. In joint connection also, your internet should work and you shouldn’t face any problem. You must be experiencing the problem heavily in rainy days right? Why is it so? Because when it rains, some amount of water enters into the pipe from which the telephone cable is coming to your home. The rainy water gets store in the pipe. That stored water in the pipe creates problem in the overall connection hence you must be hearing noise on your phone also. When the surrounding temperature rises then water gets converted into steam & giving proper connectivity hence normally, no fluctuations, disturbances you’ll see during the day when its not raining. Though there are other reasons like interference with other electromagnetic field, broken cable, etc. But the reason I mentioned above is the main reason.

How to solve or troubleshoot BSNL Broadband ADSL Link down Problem?

Troubleshooting the problem is very easy. First, check whether you have made your connections like in diagram given below.


BSNL Broadband Dsl Light Keeps Blinking : BSNL ADSL Link Unstable Solution
BSNL Broadband & Telephone connections

check the joints & if you find any then just call BSNL & inform them. You just need to call ‘198’ from your land line number and register your complaint. When you’ll get the call from BSNL, just tell them to send the line-man at your home. When he will come, make sure that he won’t left any joints between the cable. The telephone cable that reaches your home should be without any joints. But what will you do till the line man comes? I’ve found the temporary solution for that. Just put the receiver of your phone aside your phone like the image below.

Put the receiver off
Hook up your telephone

What to do after doing all this your BSNL Broadband is down?

If after doing all this if your internet is down then first call the BSNL telephone exchange nearby your home & tell them to ‘reset the port’. You can get their number by searching for BSNL telephone exchange (your city name.) on Google. When they will reset the port from the telephone exchange then your problem will be definitely solved.

Hope this post solved your BSNL Broadband Problem. Are you experiencing other problems? Just leave your problem in the comment section below & I’ll help you to solve it.

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  1. i want to register myeslf to enable me see the call readings, 2 months bill, std details etc., i learnt that the said service is free. kindly advise me the procedure. kindly provide me the secret code number.

  2. I have two broadbannd conections and they havecome with bsnl provided modem.From last week the modems get resetting itself to factory setting.I,then manually have to reset the modem with required setting s and it works fine for some time.Again it resets itself.What could be the problem???

    • This seems something unusual. Can you tell ‘after how much time modems are resetting’? Also, try replacing the modems. You’ll get them replaced for free by BSNL if they are under warranty.

  3. Hi, My connection is slightly different, in that, I have a roser box, a two-way switch box, with two RJ Port. The main line is connected to the top of the connections, one going to telephone in other room. The next stage is the line, the main line is connected to yet another splitter, having a modem, telephone, and line output. The line from the telephone is connected to the telephone of splitter, the line to line of the splitter and the modem is connected to the wifi modem. the LAN is connected to an ethernet port to establish a connection with the computer. I could not enclose the figure. When wifi modem itself acts as a router and giving connections to the other devices such as smartphone, laptops, I do not know, why the middle splitter is for. Would give you some thoughts. I am having frequent DSL drops, causing internet access loss. The router log says, ADSL link down,a0 port link down, ppp1 terminated. pl say. Your connection diagram is simple, just one wire to telephone and the other is to the modem

    • Splitter is basically for separating your telephone and broadband connection. Did you call telephone exchange and told them to reset the port?

  4. Sir, since last 6 months I am not getting broad bend smoothly, because many times ADSL and internet line bliks and connectivity is going. I have called on BSNL officials but they are not able to sourt out my problems. Only internet it works properly but when telephone is connected with BSNL line the connectivity of ADSL and Internet is down i.e.ADSL and internet light blinking RED instead of it shouldbe green. Please guide in detail so that I can persue the same to BSNL authorities.


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