Google Helpouts Shutting Down on April 20, 2015


Bye Bye Google Helpouts

I was watching ‘The Interview’ movie. Suddenly, I got an email from Google helpouts in my inbox. After I opened it, I was literally shocked. It said: ‘Helpouts will be shutting down on April 20, 2015‘. :'( Helpouts was or still is really great product with a great concept. People from anywhere in the world can give/ take real HUMAN help online at any point of time they want. The helpouts was launched in 2013 & was a good opportunity to make some bucks just by helping others & sharing the knowledge.

But everything has a limit. Google itself was putting lot of efforts into the product. But unfortunately, the response was not that much great as they have written in the email. Helpouts hasn’t grown at the pace Google itself had expected. Hence mainly, Google is taking down its service. Its really surprise because even after having the partners like Samsung itself, the product hasn’t grown that much. Obviously, there are lot of bad factors which are responsible like marketing, no. of users, competition etc. You can see the email in the image below that I got from Google.

Google Helpouts no more

Email From Google Helpouts


If you’ve used Google Helpouts previously, then you’ll be able to download your helpouts History using Google Takeout available only until November 1, 2015. Or you can directly contact Helpouts regarding any queries.

Bye Bye Helpouts… :'(

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