Micromax Yureka Yu Heating Problem, Issues Solved, Fixed


I thought of writing this post after meeting one of my friend in college. Since the Amazon is launching the flash sale of the Micromax Yureka Yu Android Mobile Phone device, its very hard to even seen the device in physical world. I was also thinking of buying the same phone but due to Micromax Yureka  Heating Problem, I changed my decision and went for other good android device like Asus Zenfone 5. The main reason behind changing my decision is heating issue of Micromax YU only.

Micromax Yureka Heating
How to solve Micromax Yureka Heating Problem

Since this Android device is having powerful specs like 1.5 GHz Octa Core CPU, Adreno 405 GPU at 550MHz, 4G support, 5.5 inch corning gorilla glass screen having the resolution of 1280 * 720, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 13 MP Rear Camera and 5 MP Front facing camera, 2500mAh battery and last but not the least Cynogen OS 11, it was expected to get heated but user can’t even hold the device because of the temperature.

Micromax Yureka Heating Problem Reason

Before buying, I researched for many long hours and found that Yureka Has the heating problem and sometimes, the temperature goes above 50 degree Celsius. Means the user can’t even hold the device in his hands. As I told you, Today, I met my friend who actually owns yureka device and he himself faced same issue of heating. He said that The battery life was of around 3 to 3:30 hours. And its a common problem. After contacting Amazon, Micromax, they said that they would replace the device but he denied to do that since he knows its a common problem and found the actual reason and solution. The real reason behind Micromax Yureka Heating Problem is media storage service. Its a software bug.

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The Media Storage Service consumes lot of CPU usage directly causing more heating and temperature rise. Just go to settings -> battery and see the position of ‘Media Storage Service’. The position should be as low as possible. If the position of Media Storage Service is first or second which is below screen, then you must be facing the heating issue. I’ll also give the solution to Micromax Yureka Heating Issues ahead.

Micromax Yureka Heating
How to solve Micromax Yureka Heating Problem

How To Fix Micromax Yureka Heating Problem, Solution

The solution of this android device may be frustrating for you. What  you have to do is follow the steps given below.

  1. Go into the settings -> apps -> Media Storage Device.
  2. Force stop it.
  3. Clear the Cache
  4. Clear the data.
  5. Disable it.
  6. Restart the phone.
  7. Enable it
  8. Restart the phone

If you are again seeing the heating problem then again go into the settings -> apps -> Media Storage Device. Force stop it. Clear the data, Clear the Cache -> Restart the phone. If issue appears again then again follow the steps given above. You’ve to do this till you stop facing heating problem. After applying this fix, my friend is getting the battery life of 1 and half day for Yu. 🙂

Along with stopping the Media Storage service, I also suggest you to stop the unwanted services and make the device more efficient in terms of performance and most importantly battery life. I hope, this trick will help you to solve the heating problems and issues of Micromax Yureka Yu permanently since, it helped my friend. This method was found after lot of research and hard work. If you find this useful then please share this so that other Yureka users can also solve their problem. Thank you for reading this post. See you in next one…

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  1. Thnx a lot!!. This helped a lot in reducing the heat.
    But I have disabled media storage. If I enable it, then Media Server drains my battery and it heats up again. What happens if I dont enable Media Storage? What’s its use??

  2. I followed this trick….. but my phone has fell into the loop of numerous reboots until the battery dies…. PLESE HELP ME…

  3. I have purchaged times and both times its get heat…
    Now i will replace it again and will not purchage again…kismat n saala ye fon hi khrab h

    • If phone is going into restart loop then better to call Amazon for replacement if replacement is not applicable then contact micromax directly.

  4. Thanks Amey, Your solution has worked Wonders for me. The phone is now Coooool and no heat at all. I have repeated the above steps you suggested twice. Rebooted twice. It works Man. Thanks a lot, You are a true expert, big relief for me.

  5. Hi amey….i chked but did nt found any media storage devices in app…i m also facing heating and battery probm…plz help

  6. Mere saare photos gayab ho gaye iss process ko apply karne me baad aur yeah abhi bhi utna hi heat ho raha hai jitna phele hota tha. Around 70°C

  7. hi guys! Please help me!!!
    I had recently purchased the yu yureka through the last flash sale in amazon on 26th march. got it delivered on the 31st. The charge was only 3 % when i switched it on in the evening at around 5:30 so put the phone on the charger given along with the box. The phone was heating up like hell while charging but i dint know what to do about it so left it at that.Went out for the evening and when i returned home i checked to see it was still charging and in 99%. Was pissed :/. Waited for some half and hour and then checked then it was charged till 100%. So i went on to insert my sim in the phone so again switched it off and removed the battery and all. Aft inserting and when i switched on the phone. The charge was oly 3 %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Was about to cry :’(. Then left the phone and went on with my work and aft few mins saw the phone charge to be 15%. Man was i confused .. from then on the charge started “growing” and it went on to grow to 88 % aft which it started behaving normally i.e. discharging.
    This is my third day with the phone . it hasn’t happened again till now.
    My main dilemma here is whether to keep this phone or ask for a replacement from amazon.?
    I have until april 11th to go for the return option with amazon
    Pls suggest what should be done guys i really confused whether to keep this phone or go for the replacement option
    And i also have a doubt whether we can use a 2 amp output charger for yu yureka coz charging it with the given 1 amp o/p charger takes a hell lot of time( 3 to 3 n half hours!!!). i have my redmi note charger of 2 amp output . but have a doubt to use it coz in the back of the yu yureka battery its given “use yu specific charger”. So want to know what is best .
    Thank you in advance guys 

  8. hi Amay!

    It works, but i am unable to see my old pictures in gallery & unable to play any music in google music app also ringtone can’t change.

  9. I am facing heating problem and fast battery drain issue but i don’t think its a media storage issue because on my battery usage, Media Storage is not even on the list. Please tell me what to do.

  10. On my device google location tracker and a racing game ‘Drag racing’ was causing the problem. After uninstalling the game and disabling the location tracker the battery runs for the whole day.

  11. Same here…!! I’m did exactly as u said. And the issue is also resolved. But I’m not able to listen to the music in google play. Help me out…(and i wont use third party apps, want it to be as it was) .plzz HMO

  12. listen u all guyz!!! just reset ur handset to its factory mode in reset and backup menu in settings
    once u do dis u will overcome the worst problem of dis phone…
    reply here if it works….

    • go to Apps and select option All among Downloaded, On SD card, Running , ALL Disabled options and there you will find media storage.

  13. Hey amey!
    Do we have to factory reset the phone or just restart it after disabling the media storage?
    I have already tried these step 4-5 times and still the heating and battery drain issue continues..pls help..it only a week since I HV bought this phone! :/

  14. hi brothers
    i am confused weather to buy this phone or not
    i have placed a order but yet not delivered
    pls help me out
    weather to buy or not ??????????

    • You can definitely buy it. But if you are good at rooting, installing custom ROMs then this will be like icing on the cake. 🙂 Also, the problem is not in all devices but in some. Otherwise its good phone.

    A simple solution for this heating issue is to root the YUreka phone u have and install an app called “Coolify” (only used on rooted phones) from the play store or android forums.
    And follow the onscreen instruction in that app.
    For rooting this phone, u can get tons of videos showing tutorial for that on YouTube..

    • There isn’t any problem in buying the phone. Many of my friends bought it and didn’t face such issues except few ones. If you don’t like the phone, you can easily return it. Kindly call amazon on its toll free no.: 1800 3000 9009 to get your doubts solved.

  16. Hey
    I followed steps , it worked for a while and then again started heating.
    One of my friend told to update n i did. Its working fine bt now the issue is that i am not able to access my media files through inbuilt apps.
    I know we can use 3rd party apps but i don’t want to use them.
    Please help…

    • Third party apps are way better than builtin apps. I strongly suggest you to use them. If you still wanna use builtin apps, try re enabling the media storage service again.

    • Bhaiya apko dhyan dene pe pata chalega ki iska proximity sensor speaker ke baayen taraf hai jo jimmedar hota hai screen unresposive karne ke liye.to baat karte waqt apna kan us sensor pe rakhiye.please post agar apki problem solve hui/nahi hui

  17. Hi Amey sir,
    I had bought yureka a month ago. I want to update my phone kitkat to lollypop but any updates are not come. How should update my phone.
    Heating and battery prob. Are also occurs

    • Though the screen is off, your background process like auto sync, clock, etc. are continuously running. Also, your SIM is constantly connected to the tower. There are lot of things in the backend go on. They need power to run. Hence your battery drains even if your screen is switched off.

  18. Hi,

    My brother recently purchased Yurekha phone its frequently restarting while in call, and phone has been replaced from Yu, after replacing the phone also getting same problem while in call its restart automatically may be they sent again same damaged other piece .
    again called Yurekha they are asking to do same r n d what will do, really there is no proper service from Yu. pls help me to resolve this issue

    • I suggest you to directly email YU and Micromax regarding your issue. Kindly explain them the full incidence in detail. This will help you definitely in solving your issue.

  19. Hi,
    im unable to attach screen shot of my installation error here. but i’ve followed all the steps mentioned by support team twice i downloaded diffrent files 655 mb fastboot & also 122mb singed zip both not working

    still all the problem occurs listed below.

    1. On the go USB if connected & press any where on the screen it reboot mobile.
    2. Battery percentage show high or low different when ever u do restart.
    3. In File manager unable to view external SD card files the top left menu is not working. But i can see my images in gallery which are on external SD card.

    4. This is my new phone which i just opened on friday tried to updated not working, usb not working battry problem problem problem

    the YU support team i guess they are leased bothered i feel the hardware quality is very poor. can anyone solve my issue.

  20. Sir , I have yureka phn .. My problem is that the phn is sometime heating problem and restarted automatically …and u solution this problem
    Setting- app- media storage device… I can’t find media storage device.. Plz help me and tell me I do upadate new version or not… Many people suggested can’t update version .. Many problem in new version

    • Uncheck show notifications by going into settings > Apps > Whatsappp > Untick Show Notifications. Same about messaging.

  21. hi,
    i have done as you said and now my phone is restarting automatically.it restarts like in 5 sec gap.plz help me fix this

  22. Sir…i want to buy a new phone under 10000 ….i m confused between two…one is yureka plus and another is lenovo k3 note….i think to buy k3 note..but its sar value is very high …so i cancel it…..what do u think should i buy yureka plus or not?…plzzz tell me …..Thankzzz in advance

    • Both phones are good Android devices. In terms of performance, K3 Noate Plus performs better than K3 note. But in terms of heavy gaming, Yureka Plus wins. Also, because of cyanogenmod, the phone is expected be updated with latest android for longer time. K3 note comes with lot of bloatware preinstalled which will eat your RAM, Internal Memory and Processing Power. K3 note will heat slightly less and will give better battery life. But Yureka Plus will give you better built quality, sturdiness and better android experience at the cost of battery life and performance. If you are performance oriented and Cynogenmod fan, you can go for Yureka Plus (Click to Buy at Best Price). If you are heat, battery life conscious, you can go for Lenovo K3 Note (Click to Buy at Best Price)

      • Sir….i m confused upto this part …coz the two things make me in dilemma…..i hve a powerbank….battery or performance………and lenovo k3 note has 1.59 sar value which is harmful…where as yureka plus has heating problem…..so cant decide that

  23. sir,
    I have yureka plus,but sometimes at a time of calling when I double click on contact name,there is no call going to be proceed,it just as it is.no process will be processed,that’s why I have to reboot the phone when this problem raise.this process is time consuming what should I do?plz

  24. My phone gets heated when movies are copied and I have to reset it for CPU cooling .my WiFi is getting connected but Internet not working

  25. hi amey, the same problem exist in yureka plus also…can you please guide me through?
    i have just purchased and after unboxing and setting up its get heated very badly. Please provide me solution.

    Thanks in advance.

    • You can try same solution. I’m using Yureka Plus Now. I haven’t faced such issues. If possible, replace the unit by calling Amazon.

      • hey amey. am using yureka. ny cell hav issue of battery draining n media storage am sick of it yaar. plzz help me.. I factory reset my phone. both hard n simple. plz help me

      • i am having yureka plus ..i don’t care about heating plms and battery issue , my problem was sometime while using the phone it suddenly one sec the screen goes black and after the phone was locked and also wallpaper also going for default one. how to solve this bug…please help me bro

  26. i am facing other problem if you could sort out, when i on my phone the screen glows after 5-6 seconds this is the same when call come.. sound will be there but screen blank.
    please help me
    thank you

  27. HeY.I tried another method for heating problem.. Setting-privacy-privacy guard- advance- goggle play serivce. Setting is open for it the I turned off the wake up,keep awake,auto guard. It worked for a 6-7 day .I phn WS nt draining and no morheaheating issue.but then again it started heating and draining..plz help me out..what should I do

  28. It worked.
    I’ve disabled the media storage app and the battery consumption has gone down by about 5 times. Only problem is that play music and most of the players do not work. But vlc works fine. It doesn’t find the media automatically. But if you include directories, it starts working fine.

  29. mi date 11-9-2015la yu yureka plus amazonvarun ghaytela…phone chan aahe pen problem khupech heating hoto…tayvar proper option kai? varil sarve options use kaylay tari kahi fayeda zala nahi…return date 24-9-15 hoti..ti nighun gayli…pls pls mala proper option sange…mi heating hoto mhanun mobile jastte use karat suddha nahi….

  30. HI ,
    My phone is heating up while talking itself, and my voice clarity to the calling person is not good, I tried to keep sim in other mobile and tried, then voice clarity is good. please tell me how to fix this voice clarity and heating issue ???

  31. YU auto reboot problem increasing …….how to solve this? I update my phone lollipop ver and cyanogen 12.1 after coming this problem
    Please help me sir

  32. i have done these steps before, but still i am facing the same problem (heating and more draining of battery) please help me.

  33. Sometimes my yureka plus lags n hangs and locks by its own n sometimes when I call the phone’s restarting automatically wat do I do

  34. when i have followed the steps, u have already written above. My Caller Ringtone shows none.. I can’t set my phone’s ringtone..

  35. if i do the media storage process it erase all my data in phone and also sd card


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