How to Protect Your PC By Using Paid Antivirus for Free Legally


How To Get/ Download Paid Antivirus For Free Legally

When it comes to antivirus, if you are using Windows 8, 8.1 and above versions then you don’t have to Download Paid Antivirus For Free because. Microsoft by default provides you their own Antivirus called Windows Defender which comes along with the OS without any extra cost. But still if you want to install third party antivirus then I’ve smart solution which worked for me perfectly. If you are still on XP, then first I strongly suggest you to upgrade at least to Windows 7. Because, Microsoft gives their antivirus named Microsoft Security Essentials to Windows 7 users for free. Now the question is if everything good is for free then why to use other antivirus. What is the purpose of this post? The answer is quality.

How To Download Paid Antivirus For Free Legally

There is a good security information website called Virus Bulletin which surveys the top antivirus in the world after specific interval of time. So, if you are looking for great antivirus then instead of listening to your friend, relative, etc., I suggest you to research and see yourself. Choose the top antiviruses on RAP test Results page of Virusbtn which are having 90% + Reactive detection and 80% + Proactive detection. At the time of writing the post, The top antivirus which gives best Reactive Detection is G DATA and the one which gives Proactive Detection is iSheriff. I chose G DATA. But how can we use it for free? We can’t right? So, here is the shot.

paid antivirus for free download
Virusbtn RAP Test Results

What you have to do is visit virusbtn RAP test results page. Then download the first one from its official site. E.g. Here, The first one is G DATA. So, download it from G DATA’s official site. Antivirus companies usually give 30 days free license. So, after 1 month or 30 days, again visit Virusbtn RAP test results page and see which one is top. Uninstall the first one (G DATA) and install the new one. I know it may become headache for some of you but its worth. It will take only 15 to 20 minutes at max per month.

Why do I recommend you to use different Antivirus software every month?

Lets take an example of Avast and Mcafee. Both are good. But there are some viruses, worms which are detectable by Avast and not detectable by Mcafee. Also, there are few viruses, worms which are detectable only by Mcafee and Avast. Thought there is very less probability of having such infected files in your PC/ Device if you are normal user, but still there is a slight possibility of getting your system infected. Hence, use of different antivirus software is recommended to detect various kind of infected files.

What after you finish the list of top Antiviruses?

If you’ve used those top antiviruses then just format your PC and you are done. After formatting and reinstalling Windows, You can install same antiviruses that you’ve used before formatting your PC.

It would be better if you follow the following tips

  1. Don’t use cracked antivirus. Since cracked antivirus is itself hacked and very risky. Very high chances of Data thefts are there.
  2. Use only 1 antivirus software at a time.
  3. Don’t format your PC frequently. It may create bad sectors problem. (Hard Disk Problem),
  4. You need Antivirus for your Android, iOS, Windows mobile phone device. Install one there also.
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  1. John, antivirus proagrms commonly classify other antivirus proagrms as viruses incorrectly because they are not compatible. Try to install all of the AV proagrms on this list at once, I guarantee that you would not be able to due to incompatibility. I know that Avira will even ask you to uninstall incompatible software (such as norton) before you install. AV proagrms can be classified as viruses because of the way they search for and remove viruses (they behave like viruses themselves). Additionally, I work in security and AVG happens to be one of my least favorite AV proagrms. There is no best AV program, they all detect and remove different threats better than others. The best practice is to install two or three different, but compatible AV proagrms.


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