Top 8 Automotive Industry Trends To Look For…


All of us know the rule of Survival of the Fittest. But I would add ‘Survival Of Rapidly Evolved Entity’. Since technology is capturing every part of our lives, including Food, Education, etc. The automotive industry isn’t left behind. Today, we’ll see such revolutionary technology trends that you should look for in present & in future


Automotive Industry Trends To Look For

1. Go Autonomous Completely (Self Driving Cars)

2. Go Autonomous Partially (Assisted Driving Cars)

3. Stay Connected (Applicable for cars too) (Connected Cars)

4. Blockchain Beyond Coins 

5. Now Print Real Cars (3D Printing)

6. Go Electric (Electric Cars)

7. Be Smarter (Smarter Cars)

8. Drive Remotely like James Bond (Drive From Mobile)

So, let’s start exploring each point:

1. Go Autonomous Completely

We’ve already published an article on How Self Driving Cars Will Change The World? In brief, this is going to be the most revolutionary step in automotive industry. Since, Major Technology industry players including Google, Uber, Apple are entering into the industry, it’s going to be highly competitive market for the industry players but at the same time, heaven for consumers.

2. Go Autonomous Partially

Did I just say Partially? Yes! You’ve read it right. Right now, you can order Tesla Model X which comes with assisted driving feature: autopilot. Though it’s not completely driverless, it has saved many lives predicting the crash. You can see them below:

3. Stay Connected (Applicable for cars too)

V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) Technology plays major part in this trend. Just imagine the cars on road connected with each other. IOT (Internet Of Things) plays major part here due to the connectivity quality and the huge amount of data processing required. V2V will solve lot of problems like traffic congestion, fuel efficiency. But we need to make sure that the technology is as much secure as possible to prevent misuse. The United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently published a proposed rule to require all new vehicles to have vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication capabilities.

4. Blockchain Beyond Coins

If you already know cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, congrats! They are computer generated software assets which are used as assets. Even, I made an app based on blockchain 🙂 But let’s go beyond those common usecases. Blockchain technology which is powering all of those cryptocurrencies can be used to decentralize the whole system of driverless where no single entity will have a control of a network. Also, the problem of counterfeit parts can be solved with blockchain.

5. Now Print Real Cars (3D Printing)

3D printing is already used widely in making the toys and other daily stuff we use. Now, it’s even possible to 3D Print Cars. Strati, an electric car developed by Local Motors takes just 44 hours to print. In future, the waiting time & even the customization time is going to get reduced exponentially which will impact the whole industry.

6. Go Electric

This is my favorite! Because you can get your hands on it. The limitation of non-renewable energy sources is a major inspiration for electric car manufacturers. Even the developing countries are looking forward to bring electric vehicles soon. This move is going to reduce the pollution exponentially but at the same time bring disruption in current ecosystem.

7. Be Smarter

Recently browsing, I came across Kia Sportage Smart Vehicle. It has lot of new smart features like:

  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Rear-traffic alert
  • Lane-departure warning
  • Autonomous emergency braking and outside-mirror turn signals
  • electronic parking brake with auto hold.

If you look keenly at the new features, you’ll see that all of them are smart features. The one’s which requires thinking and processing of data. This is just the beginning. In future, you’ll see lot of such advanced features in cars.

8. Drive Remotely like James Bond

You Scifi fantasy is going to be real soon. Soon, you’ll be able to control and drive your car via internet from your mobile just like that James Bond movie. The possibilities of this technology are limitless.

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