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While playing GTA IV game, sometimes I thought, it would be way much cooler if we get Heads Up Display (HUD) which shows direction, speed, etc. details on windshield of car. Now, they are getting bit popular and today we will see such Top 3 Heads Up Display Cars (Sedans)

Do you need Heads Up Displays?

Practically, the HUD saves your neck & eye movements ;P just kidding, but they provide additional comfort and distraction free driving experience. But according to current market conditions, it can be pretty expensive choice. Especially if you are looking for Sedans. Hence, today, you’ll see Top 3 Sedans with HUD Heads Up Display.

Mercedes- Benz Sedans:

HUD Sedans

The models include C-Sedan, E-Sedan & S-Sedan. You’ll be able to see current speed, rotations per minute (RPM), turn by turn navigation on the HUD. It stores the position of the HUD according to your seat’s position & also adjusts brightness automatically according to the outside light (Adaptive Brightness). Refer Mercedes Benz HUD Official Site for more info.

Cadillac Sedans:

Heads Up Display Cars

ATS Sedan, ATS-V Sedan are some Cadillac models having HUDs. Like Mercedes Benz Sedans, along with current speed, RPMs, navigation, it also shows volume level, compass heading. Refer Cadillac Official Site.

2018 Genesis G90:

Best HUD Sedans

After checking Genesis G90 Price ranging from $68,350 to $74,350, it’s pretty good choice compared to other two. As you can see from image, the HUD displays necessary details. You’ll find more info on Official Site

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