17 Insane Self Driving Car Memes, 15’th Will Shock You


Recently, I’ve written an article on How Self Driving Cars Will Change The World. A few days back, Google has opened their Self Driving Car Service: Waymo to Public. As we are seeing rapid development in Self Driving Cars market, it seems like we are gonna get our hands on one of them pretty soon. Apart from the regular use cases, I also had some weird and funny thoughts about self driving cars. I’ve collected few Self Driving Car Memes from internet and some of them are my own. Hope you’ll enjoy.

1. Is It Motorcycle Helmet?

Self Driving Car Memes

It really does look like big motorcycle helmet but it’s Chevrolet en-v 2.0 concept car which is also autonomous. The shape of autonomous or self driving cars may not be the same that we are familiar with in future. You’ll see that in next few memes.

2. Yess! More Tracking By NSA

National-level intelligence agency of the United States: NSA may be able to track more movements if we are using self driving cars. Since cars have different sensors which collects large amount of data, NSA may be able to track if we are having nap in self driving cars just by data collected by sensors. Again, it may not happen at all but, there is always a possibility under PRISM program.

3. Ewww! Look at the shape!

My reaction after seeing initial self driving car prototype by Google was like, ‘After spending billions of dollars, you’ve came up with a toy πŸ˜› ‘ The design of the car was not at all cool initially but later, they have changed the design to this which is pretty cool:

4. Better To Be Alone

In future, you’ll be able to send just your kid alone in driverless car to school not just girls.

5. Please Don’t Fart

Hehe! As I told you at the beginning, here is another meme related to the design of car πŸ˜›

6. Let’s Have Sex While Travelling in Car

If you ever have such fantasy, Congratulations! It’s going to get fulfilled soon. Just make sure you hit the right spots πŸ˜‰

9. Toy Car

It really does look like toy car πŸ˜› But it’s cute <3

10. Slowwww

The problem with current self driving cars is the time they take for a decision. I wouldn’t say it’s the world’s slowest driver πŸ˜‰ , but It takes some time while taking the turn or crossing the road. You can see the video below:

11. Imagine Driverless Uber

Uber is also into self driving cars game now.

12. Where Is My Dude?

We always say, where is my car. But this time it’s gonna be different.

13. Back In My Days

I think this is how I will tell my grandchildren πŸ˜›

14. This Is What I Expected

Initial Days of Self Driving Car

15. Specially For PUBG Players

If you are die hard PUBG Player, you don’t have to worry now. Since you can also play it everytime in self driving car. The Only Reason To Buy SelfDriving Car is PUBG. Make sure you share this post with all of your PUBG Addicted Friends. 

16. Park Neatly

In case of self driving cars, hopefully, we will not see such problem.

17. Keeping Everyone Safe πŸ˜›

Video is worth Zillions of words! If you’ve enjoyed the above self driving car memes, make sure you share this with your best friends!

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