MIUI 9: Features, Release Date & Supported Devices


Nowadays, people are getting despo for ROMs than getting girlfriends. In case of Xiaomi Users, they are despo for MIUI 9 😉 MIUI stands for Mi User Interface. It is developed by Xiaomi, a Chinese company. On February 24, 2016, MIUI ROM had over 170 million users worldwide and was supported on 340+ handsets models. We have written a post on MIUI Music Player Stopped Working Solution.


Having such a good performance and such amazing results Google had disagreed with the Chinese Government so you can’t access many Google services. You can surely experience Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play Store. The MIUI 9 Release Date was 11 August. Global MIUI 9 Beta is available to download on Official Site.

List MIUI 9 Features

1.Faster load time for apps

MIUI 9 loads apps faster than MIUI 8. MIUI 9 beats MIUI 8 at least by a second in case of app opening speed.

2.Image search

They have introduced their own version of Google Photos where you can search images by name.

3.Smart Assistant feature

The Smart Assistant feature is a very cool feature which helps you to find almost everything that you want on your device. We can say Xiaomi’s own Google Now. 😛 But for now, it’s in Chinese.

4.Instant Apps suggestions

When you swipe to right on your home screen you will get app suggestions as well as customizable widgets which are very similar to Apple’s Spotlight feature.

5.Shortcut for the torch.

One of the most requested features has finally arrived. You can switch on the torch by just swiping to right on the lock screen.

6.New Themes

The new OS brings new themes such as “No Boundary”, “Cool Black” and “Colour fantasy” along with a new default theme.

7.Split Screen feature.

The Split Screen feature that was launched on Android 7.0 Noughat is also there in the MIUI 9. The best thing about MIUI is it tries to bring uniform experiences across devices and MIUI versions despite having different Android Versions. Means even if you have Android 6.0, then also, you’ll get this mode if MIUI 9 is coming to your phone.

Features of MIUI 9
Split Screen Mode

8.Quick reply and Notification management.

Quick reply and Notification management is another feature which groups all the
notifications of the same app together. You can quickly reply to a message from the
notification panel itself. To reveal the notifications individually you can use two finger swipe gesture.

9.New lock screen theme.

Xiaomi also says it will have a new design of elements also new design on the lock screen. You can see leaked one below:

10.Sleep Saving mode along with Silent mode and DND.

There is a sleep saving mode which saves the battery power when you turn it on. It will improve the standby power in the night.

Download MIUI 9
Sleep Saving Mode

You can access the Silent mode and DND from the top of your screen by dragging the screen down and swipe right. You can set for how much time you want to have the silent mode and DND.

Silent Mode And DND

But according to Xiaomi, you might not be able to use all these features as some of them might be only available in China. And the global ROM might be a bit different.

MIUI 9 Supported Devices

You might be wondering whether MIUI 9 will be for my device? I will tell you which are MIUI 9 Supported Android Mobiles:

Xiaomi Mi Max
Xiaomi Mi Note
Xiaomi Mi Pad 2
Xiaomi Mi5
Xiaomi Redmi Note3
Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime
Xiaomi Redmi 3
Xiaomi Redmi 3S
Xiaomi Redmi 3A
Xiaomi Mi 4s
Xiaomi Mi 4c
Xiaomi Mi 4i

You can check the Official Teaser of MIUI 9 below.


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