Is Fidget Spinner Good Or Bad? Explained in Details


It doesn’t matter where do you reside in world right now! But I can guarantee, you’ve at least seen one person playing with Fidget Spinner. But Is Fidget Spinner Good Or Bad? Does it really helps us to focus or just increases chances of having injury? Let’s find out! Fidget spinners became popular in 2017, although similar devices had already been invented in 1993.

What Is Fidget Spinner Made Out Of?

Fidget spinner made of a bearing in the center of a spinner’s structure made from metal or plastic designed to spin with little effort. Just have a look at structure below:

Is Fidget Spinner Good or Bad

Is Fidget Spinner Good Or Bad? Pros And Cons List

Pros/ Benefits/ Advantages Of Fidget Spinner

  1. Good Social Activity –
    children often like to be a part of something that’s going on. If children take part in this healthy activity, it will help from bonds with other children and be topics of positive communication. Social media is filled with Fidget Spinners now a days. Its one of the First Fidget Spinner Pros.


  1. Helps to Stay Focused –
    children who have been diagnosing with cognitive impairments are most successful in activity if they are able to control their body movements. A cognitive impairment (also known as an intellectual disability) is a term used when a person has certain limitations in mental functioning and in skills such as communication, self-help, and social skills. These limitations will cause a child to learn and develop more slowly than a typical child. I think this is one of the best Fidget Spinner Benefits out there for Special Children.


  1. We Get Input from Children –
    similar to Play Therapy (a form of counselling or psychotherapy in which play is used as a means of helping children express or communicate their feelings.), where a child is engaged in an activity to help them process events that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to, children who use fidget toys are able to get the sensory input they need to help them be successful. This is also important one from other Fidget Spinner Advantages.
  2. Great Conversation Starter –
    We can see everyone is stuck in their screens every time. In Office, Home, we constantly operate our phones. But Fidget Spinner Exactly Breaks this chain! If you see your friend playing with Fidget Spinner, I bet, you won’t ignore him. You’ll start conversation immediately which makes us socialize! This is pretty Good Thing About Fidget Spinners.

So, from the above points, the answer to your question Is Fidget Spinner Good Or Bad? is Good. But wait, there is more. Each coin has two sides. So, let’s look at other one.

spinning fidget spinner

Cons/ Drawbacks/ Disadvantages Of Fidget Spinner

  1. Distraction-
    Not all children require the same amount of input to be successful. For children who do not need it, the fidget become a toy and distraction. Hence lots of schools are facing the problem of Fidget Spinner Distraction in Classroom.


  1. Affecting Studies-
    Because they are becoming a distraction, many schools have been banning them causing student students to find other ways to hide them or get around the rules. This can be even more distracting the child not to focus or learn in school which affects their studies.


  1. Dangerous-
    The accidents happened due to overuse or wrong handing of Fidgets Spinner leading to loss of eyes, organs and serious injuries.

Fidget Spinner Accidents

  1. Waste of Time-
    According to me, Time is not money but its more than money. You can earn lost money but what about time? You can’t earn it. Fidget spinners wastes our valuable time and distracts us from our goal. It also affects very bad on productivity.


Is Fidget Spinner Good Or Bad for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)?

They’re handheld, bring anywhere gadgets that can eliminate anxiety and even help focus kids and adult with ADHD. But it turns out fidget spinners, the new toy so popular stores are selling out them and teachers are banning them from their classrooms, may not be as effective at aiding mental focus as people claim.

Psychologist and experts told fidget spinners may help some people, there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that they have therapeutic qualities.

“Mental illness is difficult to treat, and it’s not something for which are simple solutions,” says Dr.David Anderson, a clinical psychologist and senior director of the ADHD.

So, we can conclude that Fidget Spinners is just a toy which is trending right now. There is nothing bad to have but it should be distraction.

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