Use Google Now Without Saying ‘OK Google’ from Any Screen


Today we will learn how to use google now from any screen. Last time we’ve learned How to Find Lost or Stolen Android Phone? If you are regular ‘Google Now’ user like me, then you must have faced the following incident at least once till now. You are having coffee with your best friends or special ones. Your android is laying on the same table. You are having fun and suddenly, the ‘OK Google’ Google Now command triggers automatically. Even if you haven’t said ‘OK Google’ even once. Somehow, you aren’t able to exit from the app and you hear, ‘Sorry I couldn’t understand what you just said’ and you feel embarrassed in front of your buddies!

Unfortunately, turning ‘OK Google Voice Detection’ on and off is such a pain. It’s not a problem if you do it once or twice. But if you have to do it consistently every hour then its really worst thing.

As I told you, I’m also a regular user of Google Now and I also came across this problem. So, being a self-taught android developer, I decided to solve it by writing one app. The app is called ‘Float Assist‘. Here, you’ll see the bubble like facebook messenger on your screen always. No matter which apps do you open or close, it will be always there on the screen. And if you are not comfortable, you can simply drag it to the center at the bottom to close it.

Use Google Now From Any Screen

So, when you tap the bubble, ‘OK Google’ command is triggered. You don’t have to open Google Now assistant every time you wanna trigger the command. Just follow the steps given below:

  1. Disable ‘OK Google Voice Detection’ by going into Google Assistant settings.
  2. Download and install ‘Float Assist‘ App from PlayStore.
  3. Grant the permission to draw over other apps if you are using Android Marshmallow +.
  4. Just click ‘Show’ button on the screen.
  5. You’ll be able to see the image of mic that you can drag anywhere on the screen.
  6. So, whenever you want to trigger ‘OK Google’ command, just tap the mic on your screen and you are ready to have a seamless experience of ‘Google Now Assistant’ without any pain.
  7. There are some bugs. The app may auto close after some time. I’m working to fix that bug and it will be fixed soon.
  8. Make sure you rate the app and share it with all of your friends.

Hope, I’ve solved your problem of auto triggering google now and reduced your pain. If you think so, make sure you share this post and app with all of your friends which really motivates me to work harder.

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