How To Open Flipkart Without App On Mobile Browser Android, iOS, Windows


Best Way To Open or any Other Site On Any Mobile browser Without Installing or Downloading App

From past few months, ‘App Only’ is becoming trend in Indian E Commerce as well as M Commerce Industry. It was courageous move by Myntra to go App only. When Myntra went app only completely, It immediately saw 10% decrease in its sales. Still, few months ago, Myntra Parent Company: Flipkart told that its going to adopt ‘App Only’ model from September 2015. But now, Flipkart has kept ‘app only plan’ on hold to assess how it will impact sales in big-ticket categories. But Ola cabs has followed the strategy and went app only from August 2015.

Initially, this strategy looks good since Android, iOS, Windows or any mobile app provides more personalized shopping experience, App users are easier to retain because of awesome features of mobile platform, Mobile users are higher than Desktop users. Also, apps perform better than websites and work well on 2G networks.

But there are also risks of going app only. The app store can ban you any time. Its ran by bots. Its less open than web, There are many devices that you need to take into consideration specially if you are making Android app. Since there are millions of devices running tens of different android versions, development cost increases. And most important con is memory. Currently, many users can’t afford to install new apps on their devices due to lack of memory. Hence, many prefer opening websites on the mobile browser like chrome, opera, UC, etc. and shop. Even few of my friends open Facebook on their browser rather than downloading and installing an app.

Open Website on Mobile Browser Without Downloading or Installing an App

Since Flipkart has turned off its access to mobile site, still there is a way to open it on any mobile and get desktop like experience. The following tutorial works for any device whether its Android, Windows, iOS, etc. and any browser: Chrome, Opera, UC, Firefox, etc. on mobile.

  1. Open any web browser. I recommend Chrome for better experience.
  2. Go to
  3. You’ll see App promo page.
  4. Tap on the Options of web browser.
  5. Tap on ‘Request Desktop Site’.
    Open Flipkart Without Installing Downloading App 2
    Access Website on Mobile Browser
  6. Wait for the website to get reloaded.
    Open Flipkart on Mobile Browser
  7. TaDaaaa You are Done. 😀
  8. Hold the mobile device in landscape mode to get better shopping experience.
    Open Flipkart Without Installing App

This trick is currently working for Flipkart. By using this trick, you can see the desktop version of any site on the web if you feel uncomfortable with their current mobile design. You can do all the normal tasks like buying the product, adding it into the wishlist, adding the product to the cart, checkout, etc. without any problem. We’ve tested it with many devices and its working absolutely fine. Also, if you don’t want the mobile view of Amazon, you can use the same technique. Mobile Site
Add to Cart/ Buy Product on Flipkart on Mobile Site

To regain the mobile view, again tap on the options and untick ‘Request Desktop Site’. This is how you can open flipkart without app.

Hope, you’ve found this post helpful. If yes then please share this with you friends via WhatsApp and other media. See you in the next post. 🙂

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