Fidget Spinner Memes Funny Jokes That Will Blow Your Mind!


Fidget Spinner is the craziest and weirdest trend of this year. The toy which was invented long ago and even having more cons than pros, has become widely popular! We’ve even discussed ‘Is Fidget Spinner Good For You or Not’? Here, I’ll give you some of the Weirdest Fidget Spinner Memes and Funny Jokes that will definitely make you laugh đŸ˜€Â 

Fidget Spinner Meme Compilation

This is how you look when you get your first fidget spinner

Fidget Spinner Memes Funny

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Autism is the disease which causes impaired communication, excessive rigidity, and emotional detachment & ‘Autistic’ is a person who has one. Don’t laugh! Even fidget spinner can harm you! One of the best Fidget Spinner Autistic Memes.

fidget spinner ninja star meme

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Spinner is the best way to have relief from Problems, stress, and pain not just for dogs but for humans too đŸ˜›

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Are you normal guy like me who doesn’t understand what the heck is this? Don’t worry we are not the only one but if you look carefully, it looks like a toilet seat. eww :(, Special ones who have problems in staying focused will definitely understand this.

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Wow! This is how you can kidnap 12 years old children. Just kidding. I think this is on of the Best Fidget Spinner Memes For Teachers. LOL!


The best way to get parking space in disabled parking.

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Sometimes, Lifeless things are precious than living beings. đŸ˜›

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When you’re offered money to test out new vaccines but instead you got injected with a deadly virus.

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How to identify retarded dog?

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I can’t bear this anymore! I wanna die! :O

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People make the world record by using fidget spinner… but I think he wants to do something weird.

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I think he is big ‘FAN’ of ‘Fidget Spinners. :’-D

So, this was our Fidget Spinner Meme Compilation hilarious jokes. Hope, you have enjoyed this article a lot! This 

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