Dear Paytm, You really need to Stop This


Paytm, I’m really proud of this startup who created ‘WhatsApp‘ movement in case of digital economy in India! But now, it has started implementing some cheap marketing strategies. One of our regular reader and my best friend, Uday Mahana has recently faced the issue with Paytm. He recently ordered the Oneplus 5 and Seagate 1TB External Hard Disk literally for ₹ 0.

patym order

He found those deals somewhere online. He placed the order on 4’th July 2017 for Oneplus 5 and Seagate 1TB Hard Disk. But on next day, both orders were canceled automatically. When he initially raised the issue on Twitter, paytm responded saying they will look into the matter. But later, they completely ignored him and closed the case without even specifying the reason. You can read all of the tweets below:

That’s it guys! Paytm has never responded after this tweet. I personally don’t like this kind of marketing gimmicks. I really felt bad when big brands like paytm used this practice. It may be the seller’s fault also. But paytm should have clarified the situation. It’s like raising the users’ expectations initially, then kicking their ass. Sorry for the language but I request you all to share this post as much as possible so that paytm will stop this kind of unethical things in future and verify the product listings before they get displayed.

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