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Best And Essential Cool Gadgets for College Students


What was the last time you actually calculated something on your fingertips? It’s 2018! Nobody gives a damn to do calculations using a paper and pen unless it is your school exam. It’s the era of calculators, computers, and in one simple word, gadgetsSo there are many Essential and Cool Gadgets for College Students which will really make their work easy and help them on a large scale.

Best And Essential Cool Gadgets for College Students

But again, as there are different types of gadgets, there are different types of students too. All have a different variety of choices. Not all students use the same gadgets. In case of the simple calculator, the Science and Engineering student will use the different one than the Arts student. Here, I’ve shortlisted some really cool, essential and best study gadgets for students. Let’s have a short tour through it.


1. The Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon. Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. Do you know the best part? They are harmless to your eyes. No matter how much you read, your eyes are in safe hands unlike other electronic gadgets like mobile and laptops. It’s one of the Best Study Gadgets For College Students.




2. The Power Bank

For lazy people like me, power bank is an excellent device which can help you charge your mobile.You’ll have to charge your Portable Power Banks though.They consist of a special battery in a special case with a special circuit to control power flow.

3.Bluetooth Speakers

What is the best thing that gives peace to our mind? It’s music..!!!!! But just for sake of giving your mind some peace, you cannot compromise your ears, right??  So here we have, our one and only literal life saviour. Bluetooth speakers which can connect easily to your Android, iOS phone and play your own favorite playlist.Isn’t it cool? You can carry it anywhere you go. Do give it a shot!!!

4. Laptop backpack

If you have a laptop, it’s always recommended to get a laptop backpack as well. It will not only keep your lappy safe but also your back from backaches. Good for both, isn’t it? Also how about a complimentary phone charger with it?

5.USB keychains

Ever wondered about having a keychain that can act as a USB cable as well? USB keychain cable is one of the best gadgets one can carry. It is compact and also available in different lengths which can charge your devices at a very faster speed. It’s one of the Cool Gadgets For College Students.

6.Eyeware spy spectacles

Fan of any detective series?Ever tried to be a detective in real life? Eyeware spye spectacles are the best if you want to spy on someone. It has a minute camera which is hardly visible to anyone. We can record whatever we want to. Whatever we see, gets recorded in the spy camera. How cool is that..!! Nobody can notice it.

7.Screen magnifier

Ever wondered the pain of hostelites? How these people manage to watch movies or series on just a 5-inch screen?? Well, The best gadget for such people is a screen magnifier. It gives you a magnified view of whatever you are playing on your cell phone. It is as good as a mini-computer or a projector.

P.S: Avoid using it in direct sunlight or bright light places.

8.Pup scanner (pocket scanner)

“Scan On the Go!!” is the new pickup line for this gadget.Pocket scanner immediately translates teh scanned document to any mobile devices wirelessly. You can scan printed material and capture words or sentences into iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. Let you scan and edit documents on the go, translate and share information immediately.

9.C-pen exam reader

Just scan – Scanmarker Air types! Scanmarker Air uses our cutting-edge patented technology to create a superior and accurate handheld scanning solution. Just slide your pen scanner across a line of text and watch it appear instantly on your computer or smartphone screen. Whether you are creating a report in Word, inputting meaningful data in Excel or sharing a quote with your friends on Facebook, Scanmarker Air will type it fast for you. Maximize your time and efficiency Scan up to 30 times faster than manual typing! Scanmarker Air is a highly acclaimed productivity device amongst students, doctors, librarians, lawyers, teachers, researchers and everyone who requires instant scanning of text. Reading pen Memorize and gain a clearer understanding of the scanned material using the read-aloud feature – hear the text out loud whilst scanning.

10. LinQs sticker-provides memory (NFC tag)

I really never imaged that just a sticker might provide us some bytes of memory. Hats off to technology..!!LINQS NXP NTAG215 chip is a sticker that provides 496 bytes of user memory. It is the 2nd highest in NTAG series (NTAG216 has 888 bytes) universally compatible NFC tags. Moreover, the diameter of this chip is just 25mm and is water resistant. What else is needed in life??!!!!

Let’s revise the list of gadgets now.

Best And Essential Cool Gadgets for College Students

  1. The Amazon Kindle
  2. The Power Bank
  3. Bluetooth Speakers
  4. Laptop backpack
  5. USB keychain cable
  6. Eyeware spy spectacles
  7. Screen magnifier
  8. Pup scanner (pocket scanner)
  9. C-pen exam reader
  10. LinQs sticker-provides memory (NFC tag)
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