How To Add Subtitles To A Movie In VLC or Windows Media Player on Windows/ Mac


How Do I Put English or Any Language Subtitles on a Downloaded Movie Forever in VLC, Windows Media, GOM, Quicktime, Movie Media or Any Player on Windows/ Mac/ Android or any OS?

Add Subtitles To A downloaded movie or video permenently

If you are the one who downloads foreign movies regularly from the internet and looking to fix the subtitles problems permanently then this post is for you. If you follow the solution that I’m giving here then you’ll save approximately 15 to 20 seconds time each time you play the movie on your PC/ Mac/ Android/ iPhone or any device on any Operating System.

What are you doing?

If English is not your mother tongue, and still you are fan of hollywood movies then what you usually do is download them from the web via Amazon or any other source. Then you go to any subtitle site like to download the English subtitles for that particular movie. Generally, you open the file in VLC player and add the subtitles from subtitles menu -> Add Subtitles file. Right? If you are following this procedure then you are literally wasting the time.

What you should do?

What you have to do if you want subtitles appear on the video/ movie permanently is to rename the subtitle file. And make it exactly as video file without extension.

  1. Download the any movie/ video you want.
  2. Download subtitles from any subtitles site. I prefer
  3. Make sure that your downloaded video/ movie files and subtitle files are in same folder even if you are trying for burning DVD.
  4. Copy the name of video/ movie file without extension. If your video file name is ‘XYZ.mp4’ then you just need to copy ‘XYZ’ not ‘XYZ.mp4’. Ignore the extension written after dot (.)
  5. Right click and rename the subtitle file.
  6. Paste the copied name of movie/ video file.
    Set Permanent Subtitles In VLC or Any Media player/ DVD
  7. Open the movie/ video file in VLC or any other media players like Windows, Quicktime, GOM, MX, etc.
  8. You’ll see the subtitles appeared automatically at the bottom of the screen.

Its as simple as that. And this trick will also be useful in case of every language subtitles whether they are Arabic/ Chinese/ Greek/ Hindi, Etc. Same is applicable if you want the subtitles appeared permanently on DVD. Just make sure those files are in same folder and have exactly same name. The video given below will help you in understanding more. See you in next post.

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  1. Hi,
    when trying this with Arabic, VLC shows the subtitle lines from down to up on the screen.
    ie: 2nd line sentence
    1st line sentence

    Any clue?


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