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If you still haven’t heard of a mini magic machine called Fidget Spinner, here’s a lowdown. Some call it a fad, others a source of fascination and many, a revolutionary device. Believe what you may, in its basic form, the fidget spinner is simply a three winged ball bearing device that rotates around the user’s fingers. I’ve already written post about Is it Good or Bad? The sensation is pitched as an antidote to fidgety behavior and even serious disorders including anxiety and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


Though the internet is overwhelmed with video tutorials on how to use them, experts believe that it acts as a distraction rather than an aid in helping users to focus. According to a scientific study published in the Journal of Abnormal.

According to a scientific study published in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Dr. Dustin Sarver and colleagues found that hyperactive movements associated with ADHD can help people focus and learn better. The study also found that more complex the task, more intense and hyperactive ADHD subjects became. It seems these movements are a way to cope and adjust to enhance cognitive tasks.

I have a habit of incessantly clicking my pen during meetings. I did not notice the noise but it annoys the folks around me. I also have a stress ball at my Desk that gets tortured especially when on a call or when speaking with someone. I always chalked it up as burning up nervous energy but based upon the study, it is a body’s way of coping when needing to focus on the person.

So one day, I learned some enterprising folks have created toys that help us fidget but in a less annoying way.

Why are Fidget Spinners Popular/ Trending?

  • They are addictive toys for kids, students, and adults.
  • They are available in uncountable designs.
  • Some spinners can be customized.
  • We can carry them easily anywhere, so you can use it anytime you want.
  • It becomes addiction from normal ‘just for fun’ hobby.
  • They are ideal for people with ADD, ADHD, autism and they can help you calm down when you’re in a stress situation, anxious or simply bored.

Fidget Spinner ADHD Research

Buy Fidget Spinner Online For Cheap Price In India

Like the United States, when it became available to buy in India, the same trend started reflecting here. They are now available everywhere including Flipkart and Amazon. The Fidget Spinner price ranges from ₹ 99 Rs maximum price doesn’t have any limit. Because one can also get the customized real gold fidget spinner. Here is how you can buy fidget spinner online in India.

  • Batman Fidget Spinner

OMG! Now, Billionaire, Bruce Wayne a.k.a. ‘Batman’ has also stepped into business. The Batman spinner is now available in India.



  • Camouflage fidget spinner

You have heard about camouflage T-shirt, jackets now this is also available in fidget spinner also. Have a look!

Gold fidget spinner

मानना पड़ेगा, Fidget Spinners have really played well! सही खेल गया बेंचो! 😀

  • Neon Fidget Spinner Glowing in Dark

Wanna play with light in dark? Then, this is the perfect Fidget Spinner For You!

  • Metal Fidget Spinner

These Spinners are best for you if you want to fight against Beyblade! This has high-end quality material, soft odorless and burr free edges.

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