Who is Airtel Ad Girl? Interesting Facts and Bio


In June Last Year, Airtel has launched an ad, featuring the actress who got a lot of hate as well as love from her fans. That Airtel Ad Girl Name is Sasha Chettri, who became an instant hit with her boy cut hairstyle.

Some Facts about Airtel Ad Girl: Sahasa Chettri

  • Originally from Dehradun, she moved to Mumbai when she was 16 for educational purpose.
  • Sahasa holds a degree in advertising from Xavier’s Institute of Communications Mumbai she was working as a trainee copywriter in an ad agency before becoming famous at the age of 19.
  • Sahasa is extremely fond of music and in herself as a musician and also known as Rickshaw Rani (her Twitter ID is @RickshaRani)

    airtel ad girl playing guitar
    Sasha also has musical talent
  • She originally had Pixie haircut in her first Airtel Ad but later, she changed it to boy-cut.
  • She first appeared in Airtel ads with a pixie cut which had a long strand on one side and then different variations in growing out phases.
  • When selected, she thought, it was a prank but luckily, it wasn’t.
  • Starred in the movie “Katti Batti” with big Stars Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut.

Airtel 4G or Maybe 5G (in future) Ad Girl Personal Profile/ Biodata

airtel ad girl hot cute photos
How she was before Airtel Ad

How Did She Begin Her Career?

Airtel always looks for fresh faces to be featured in their advertisements so, luck has also played its part here. First, she graduated as a copywriter but later, she realized that it was something that she was not looking for and got into singing. But becoming a model was always a dream for her. She sent her pictures to many advertisement agencies. After a lot of struggle and rejections, she was featured in Airtel 4G ads now people recognize her by the name as an Airtel Ad Girl or In future, Airtel 5G Girl.

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