Bypass Captcha Verification On Any Website In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE


How To Get Rid Of Captcha Verification On Omegle, Irctc, Facebook, Gmail, Reddit,  Ziddu or Any Other Website In Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Android By Bypassing It Online?

The reason for writing the post about bypassing especially image captcha verification in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer is because of my Gmail password issue. Few days back, I’ve forgotten my Gmail password and I did’t want to reset it. :p I was trying every combination and permutation possible out there for logging into my account. But after few unsuccessful attempts, Google’s Gmail started asking me to type those weird letters again and again and again and again… I really got frustrated at that time. I still remember that 🙁

Then, I thought of skipping, bypassing and getting rid of captcha verification on Gmail. After googling for some time, I got the fine solution for capcha problem. What you have to do is to install and extension, plugin, tool, software or whatever you wanna say it, named ‘Rumola’ This extension is available for free of cost for google chrome. But only limitation is there. You can only use it for free for 5 times. If you wanna use more then you have to pay them.

Its good for normal people like you and me who don’t have to deal with captchas all days but if you are then its worth paying them because it will save your lot of time and help in increasing productivity. You can download the Rumola for Chrome, Firefox and Safari. After installing the extension/ addon whenever there will be captcha, Rumola will detect it automatically and fill the proper captcha text in the given text box. The videos below explains really well use of Rumola.

Visit Rumola official website

Download Rumola for Chrome

Download Rumola Add-on for Firefox

Download Rumola Extension for Safari

how to get rid of captcha on any site

If you don’t want to install third party extension, no problem at all! Rumola has a solution for you too. Just visit Rumola Official website and drag the ‘Drag me’ button to bookmark’s bar and press it once. If you find the page with the captcha then just press that bookmark and vola! The solved captcha text will appear in the textbox magically. You can also download Rumola Android app to solve the captchas.

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