Dhinchak Pooja Videos Were Deleted But,She Is Back


Best News of the Year 2017! Dhinchak Pooja videos are deleted! Yes, you got it right. Someone named Kathapa Singh (May God Bless him! 😀 ) raised copyright issues and in no time her videos got deleted. Like me, you must be shocked after seeing all of her videos getting deleted. The only video left of Dhinchak Pooja is Dilon Ka Shooter where also there are no ads and copyright claims also, can’t be saved on mobile. And also her Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj is also back on Youtube which is a bit better than her other songs.

Now you might be thinking what are the Copyright issues with Youtube? Imagine you’ve clicked an image by doing a lot of hard work on your DSLR camera. And someone just used that image without your permission in their videos, then you can claim copyright on that and the other person has to remove the video or share the earnings.

Even if you use some of the footage of someone else, then also you can get copyright. Suppose you have composed a song or a small part of it and then also it can be claimed as a copyright. For example, while shooting the video on a road, a person behind you has appeared in the video that person can also claim copyright issue.

Don’t Watch This! Among the two Videos on Dhinchak Pooja’s Channel as of now.

क्या करे! करना पडता है! 😛

Even after her videos are deleted, we are still seeing rapid Subscriber Growth on her YouTube channel. Since Dhinchak Pooja must have used some part of the intellectual/ Digital property of Kathappa Singh hence, she got copyright claim. For now, we are not sure which part (Audio/ Video, etc.) of Kathappa Singh is used in Dhinchak Pooja’s video. But it will be clear soon. Oh wait are you thinking Bahubali movie’s Kattappa? No its Kathappa, not Kattappa. Don’t get confused 🙂

What about Dhinchak Pooja Earnings?

Google Adsense finalizes the earnings from the YouTube video on 15th of every month. For example, your earning of June will get finalized on 15th of July. In India, we get the payment around 25th by month from Google. Hence she might not have got the earnings of June due to copyright issues.

Excellent Marketing Strategy by Dhinchak Pooja?

It can be the excellent marketing stunt where her videos can come back in future with few extra ones. Or Kathappa Singh who claimed copyright on her videos may take it back or face the counter claims by dhinchak pooja resulting restoring of her videos. Only time will tell what happens next!

“Update”: I think we got it right, it is a marketing strategy by Dhinchak Pooja. After the Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj has unfortunately back on Dhinchak Pooja’s channel :(.

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