Finally, Indian Cryptocurrency is here: Indicoin


Blockchain technology led to the creation of a transparent and flexible asset like Bitcoin. A token which can be an integral part of the project economy. The scope for Indian Cryptocurrency Coins, Wallet, ICO is widening day by day and taking early call might prove fruitful for the society.

Indian Cryptocurrency Coin: Indicoin

Without building the skills and capabilities necessary to drive innovation, the nation risks stagnation. However, if India can create capabilities for growth and new solutions, the opportunities, both at home and abroad, are limitless Indicoin being the initiator of ICO’s in India has dual characteristics i.e. a cryptocurrency and social service project as well Our Project, “INDICOIN-Blockchain Redefining Social Service”  is driven by the belief that India can build shared prosperity for its billion citizens by transforming the way the economy creates value. Our Indian Cryptocurrency Coin: Indicoin has already triggered the minds of global thinkers to jump in this upcoming and more advance sector of business.

Indian Cryptocurrency Indicoin Buy Coins, Wallet, ICO, Company

Soon you’ll find that there will be the flurry of Indian Cryptocurrency ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings). It is a unique blockchain project developed by few young entrepreneurs who seem pretty talented from the fact they have handled Indicoin till now. Till August only exchanges were active and then Indicoin landed in with a different kind of motive to uplift the social sector using blockchain technology. Coinwolf had a close coverage of Indicoin’s journey till now.

Indicoin was launched in September 2017 and conducted its first token sale from 10th September to 20th September which was a grand success. They raised 900 ETH during the presale. They conducted their ICO for the period of 38 days i.e. from 1st October to 7th November which again proved to be a huge success with a record sale of more than 95% of the total tokens. It was surprising to see that first blockchain based Indian Cryptocurrency Coin project received such huge response.

Indicoin got such support also because of its dynamic campaigning covering the social media, news websites and various other forums. It got featured on Coinwolf, Economic Times, NEWSBTC and MERKEL and many other.

How Indicoin Works?

Indicoin is coming up with the dAPP (Decentralized Application) which will contain all the features to store Indicoins and to contribute to the society through proof of work. The smart contract enabled application will have high potential to scrutinize the uploaded proof of work by the community members over the platform. Soon Indicoin is going to launch the dAPP and initiate the community to function. Indicoin’s first subject for social service i.e. IndiCleanNGreen, an initiative to increase greenery by planting trees. Entries are still being considered. You can visit the website and upload your contribution and get the Indicoins in your My Ether Wallet.

Indicoin Token Sale Details

Post ICO, the tokens were distributed to all the investors. Unused 190 Million tokens are to be burned on 10th of December 2017 at 6:30 PM (India Time). After the burning of unused tokens, the circulating supply in effect will be 260 Million. It is evident that price of Indicoin will surely go to the moon after this token burn. The strategy utilized by the team is commendable and Indicoin is doing every bit to keep its investors and community members happy.

Soon, the user will be able to create a profile and manage the campaigns as per his/her wish. One will be able to explore campaigns and can initiate a campaign as well on the Indicoin Official Site.

Talking about the exchanges, Indicoin is already on Ether Delta and IDEX. It is going to be traded on HITBTC from 7th of December, 2017. Indicoin attracted investors also because of the various renowned exchanges it is getting listed on. YoBit is another target and as per the reports, Indian Cryptocurrency Indicoin is going to be traded soon on the various exchanges.


India's Own Cryptocurrency for everyone who wants to contribute to society socially. It is Decentralized Application based on Blockchain & Smart Contracts Technology.



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